10 foods that harm our teeth

To keep your teeth healthy is quite possible. The most direct influence on their condition is nutrition. And what products are considered the most harmful for teeth? Let's find out!

Top 10 products that spoil our teeth:

  1. Red wine.It would seem, how can it harm our teeth? It turns out that it can. The fact is that it contains polyphenols, which can spoil the enamel (although they are quite useful for the body). Also in the composition of this noble drink are chromogens and tannins, and they contain pigment molecules that penetrate into the enamel and strongly stain it. So if you often drink wine, do not be surprised that your teeth will darken.
  2. Red sour berries, as well as their juice.Yes, they are good for our body, but our teeth may well be damaged. Firstly, this is due to the high content of acids, which literally corrode enamel and noticeably thin it. Secondly, red berries contain pigments that can stain teeth.And through thinned enamel, they penetrate much faster and easier.
  3. Caramel, Toffee and Candy. In principle, any sweets are harmful to the teeth, but hard and intended for resorption have an extremely negative effect. First of all, it is associated with sugar. It settles on the tooth enamel and, in general, in the oral cavity and creates just the perfect environment for the reproduction of numerous pathogenic microorganisms. And if you consider that the lollipops are in the mouth for a very long time, then the sugar has time to form a rather dense deposit, which is not so easy to remove. If you are used to crack candy, then enamel will also suffer a lot, but already due to rough mechanical impact.
  4. Carbonated sweet drinks.They are extremely harmful, and for several reasons at once. The first is the content of huge amounts of sugar in them. And he, as you have already learned, provides ideal conditions for reproduction in the oral cavity of bacteria. The second reason is acids, which are also quite a few in the “soda” composition. And carbon dioxide, thanks to which numerous bubbles appear in the liquid, only strengthens their negative impact.And the third reason is a large number of dyes in the composition. Moreover, since the enamel is very thin due to acids, these same coloring substances easily and easily penetrate into it and change the color of the teeth. Do you still want "soda"?
  5. Sour and tomato sauces.Yes, they are also harmful to the teeth. As for the tomatoes in the composition, they contain enamel-destroying acids, as well as pigment substances coloring it. Vinegar is the basis of almost all acidic sauces, and it itself is an acid, therefore it is not at all beneficial for teeth.
  6. Dried fruits. What they did not please? First, they contain a lot of sugar. And although the sugars are natural, they still remain in the oral cavity and promote the reproduction of bacteria. Secondly, in practically all dried fruits, a high content of carbohydrates, and they are partially processed directly in the oral cavity, and with the help of saliva enzymes, which, with increased production, can destroy enamel. And chewing raisins, dried apricots or prunes is very difficult, and the particles often get stuck between the teeth, which only increases the negative impact.
  7. Coffee. Everyone knows that coffee can cause darkening of the tooth enamel, and many lovers of this drink face this. In addition, coffee has aggressive substances that have a destructive effect. And this drink, consumed in large quantities, can contribute to the leaching of calcium from the body, and in fact it is simply necessary for our teeth. If you can not do without coffee, then drink it with milk.
  8. Tea. It contains tannins and pigment substances that stain and destroy enamel. Strong black tea is especially harmful, so it is worth replacing with more useful green or herbal tea. But in any case it is not worth to abuse.
  9. Citrus and pineapple, juices from them. These fruits contain a large amount of acids and enzymes that destroy enamel. But as citrus fruits are very useful, do not give up on them, but only reduce your intake to one fruit per day.
  10. Marinated products. They also have a high content of vinegar, which is very, very harmful to enamel.


A few useful recommendations that will allow you not to give up your favorite products and preserve the health and attractive natural color of your teeth:

  • Excluded from the diet of these products is not worth it, but to reduce their consumption is desirable.
  • To minimize the negative impact of certain food substances on the teeth, after eating, you need to brush your teeth, especially if you are using potentially harmful products. But too frequent cleansing can thin the enamel, so this procedure is sometimes replaced by rinsing, using special rinses.
  • If you really like citrus juices or berries, then be happy to drink them. But use the tube. Such a simple device will direct the liquid almost immediately to the root of the tongue and to the pharynx, but practically nothing will get on the teeth.
  • Sour foods and drinks should not be delayed in the mouth, otherwise their negative effects will increase.
  • Be sure to brush your teeth daily before bedtime to remove all potentially harmful substances from the enamel surface.
  • If you really like to eat something forbidden, then combine it with more useful products. For example, it is desirable to drink wine with cheese, because, firstly, it absorbs some of the harmful substances, and secondly, it contains calcium, which is useful for teeth. They also provide neutralization of acids and other aggressive substances, as well as perfectly clean the teeth of bread, vegetables, meat, potatoes.
  • Try not to eat at night, it is harmful not only for your body shape, but also for your teeth.And this is due to the fact that saliva, which splits some components of food in the mouth and thereby protects the teeth, in the second half of the day is produced in smaller quantities. And because of the slowing down of salivation, the teeth become more vulnerable.
  • If you really love chocolate, then choose bitter, that is black and certainly natural. It contains theobromine, which not only does not destroy the enamel, but even allows you to strengthen it. But you can't say for sure about milk chocolate, it is harmful.
  • Try not to eat too often. The interval between meals should be at least three hours. It is for such a period of time that the acid-alkaline balance of the oral cavity will have time to recover, which will protect the tooth enamel from negative effects.

Now you know what products to avoid, to keep your teeth beautiful and healthy.

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