10 interesting films about mad passion

Passion is different from love, it is something else. And she can be stronger and more beautiful than the most sincere feelings, and the directors know this well. Do you want to see how passionate relationships can be and people? Watch the best movies about it.

Top 10 cool passion films:

  1. "Attraction". It is possible to say with full certainty that the main character of the film Suzanne was lucky in life. She is married to a successful surgeon, she has two wonderful children and a chic house. But life seems to this woman boring and monotonous. Passion in a relationship with a spouse has long gone out, and it is very lacking. But one day, the head of the family, Samuel, hires a construction worker Ivan. This Spaniard is young, charming, charismatic, attractive and very sexy, which Susanna immediately noticed. Her tokens did not go unnoticed, and soon a spark ran through between her and Ivan. Imperceptibly began their turbulent and passionate romance, full of new sensations, which the mature woman lacked so much.But is it worth continuing this relationship, from which the approximate spouse and simple worker lose their heads? Will their passion destroy what has been built for so long?
  2. "Temptation". The main role in this film was played by the incomparable Antonio Banderas, who absolutely knows a lot about passion. And his partner was the most sexy woman on the planet - Angelina Jolie. These two never saw each other and communicated only by correspondence. But now the wealthy Cuban merchant Luis Antonio Vargas will meet for the first time with his bride - an American Julia Russell. Louis imagined a modest average girl and was preparing for a measured family life, but the future spouse was completely different. This is the most femme fatal woman: passionate, sexy and self-worthy. And let the main character was not ready for this turn of events. He was not disappointed, although he realized that he had fallen into the abyss. But will such a passionate relationship be strong, or will the feelings fade away as quickly as they flashed?
  3. "Do not go". The forbidden fruit is always sweet, and the film once again confirmed this. The main character is a successful doctor and an exemplary family man.In his life, everything went on as usual, until he met the poor immigrant. This girl conquered him and caused a real passion. The choice is incredibly difficult: to succumb to a sudden all-consuming love that flashed or to remain loyal to the family and not destroy, as it seemed, a strong marriage? A sense of duty makes a man forget about his feelings, but will the spouse forgive betrayal? And can the protagonist himself overcome himself and throw the disturbing past out of his head?
  4. "Fear". Nicole is an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl. This blonde is sweet, romantic and attractive. One day, along with her friend, she goes to a club, where she meets a no less charming guy, David. Young people begin to feel sympathy for each other, and soon a relationship is established between them. At first, David's love seems to Nicole beautiful and romantic, but then she realizes that she literally turned out to be a hostage to his feelings. And he himself does not realize how much animal and even cruel passion has possessed him. He is jealous of the girl to all and beats his friend just because he saw him with her lover. And when Nicole realizes that he is in danger, and decides to end this sick relationship, David becomes furious and can no longer control himself. What will his passion lead to?
  5. "Lovers". This film is worth seeing, because the main role in it was played by the Russian model Natalya Vodyanova, and, by the way, she did it perfectly. In the story Arianna - a wealthy married woman from high society, having an aristocratic origin. Solal is a high-ranking official from the League of Nations. He arrives in Geneva and literally at first sight falls in love with Arianna. The girl does not suspect anything about his feelings and, in general, intends to remain faithful to her spouse. But Solal can not cope with his passion and decides by all means to win the one about which he constantly thinks and dreams. And he succeeds. He turned his head to the girl, and she, forgetting everything, does not notice how she finds herself in the arms of Solal. And she, of course, does not think about what her irresponsibility and sudden feelings can cause.
  6. "Big love". Emilia is an ordinary sixteen-year-old girl who has excellent vocal skills and dreams of a singer's career. Like all teenagers, she goes to clubs and accidentally meets Machei at one of the parties. He is a simple guy who was a drummer but forced to make a living in more familiar ways.Young people fall in love with each other, and this leads to the beginning of a beautiful romance. Emilia leaves the house because of the conflict with her mother and decides to live with Maciej, because she loves him. But what can love, especially such an early, first and reckless? Soon, romantic and sincere feelings turn into an all-consuming and burning passion in their path, and it can be dangerous ...
  7. "Invalid". Connie and Edward Sumner - an exemplary and quite happy married couple. They have a son growing up, but in a relationship there is everything: trust, love, sincerity, respect. But the passion of the spouses is not enough. Although this does not prevent Edward and Connie from being completely happy until the third person, Paul, intervenes in their idyll. With this guy quite accidentally faces the main character. And when she meets him and begins to communicate, she realizes that she feels a strong attraction that she has not experienced for her husband for a long time. Paul does not leave Connie's head, and she decides to treason. This novel is based only on passion, but it has everything that the woman lacked so much. But what about a husband who is already beginning to suspect his wife of infidelity? And what will happen when Edward reveals the truth and realizes that his beloved Connie is wrong?
  8. "Stranger". If you list the most interesting films about passion, then you should definitely include this one in the list. The main character Sarah Taylor works as a psychologist and successfully builds a career. She helps others and easily understands their feelings, but she herself never experienced them. The girl did not know what passion was until she met a mysterious and strange stranger. Tony won the heart of Sarah with romance and tenderness, but he showed himself from the other side. And his rage charms a woman, because she was able to feel the whole range of emotions that she did not know before. He overshadowed everything, and the heroine, who seemed powerful and self-sufficient, was defenseless and discouraged. Can she escape from this sweet captivity?
  9. "The basic Instinct". Once this film made a real sensation and continues to excite to this day, becoming a true classic of the genre. Former rocker Johnny Bose was brutally murdered, and suspicion falls on his girlfriend Catherine Tramell. She writes shocking and frank novels and in her last book describes in almost every detail the murder of her friend. Investigation into this case is taken by detective Nick Karren.But Katherine has a unique ability to manipulate men and deprive them of their ability to think soberly. She managed to awaken the basic instinct in a cold-blooded policeman, and he, subdued by the heroine, plunged into the abyss of passions and yet does not want to get out of it.
  10. "Points over i". Having recently experienced complex relationships and a break, Carmen is starting a new relationship. Her fiancé Barnaby loves a girl and does not like her soul, but she sees in him the one who will be the ideal husband and father of future children, and will also give her stability. But just before the wedding, a girl accidentally kisses a stranger and understands that the passions in her soul have not subsided yet. What will lead this fleeting kiss? Can Carmen stop and be happy?

These were the best films about the all-consuming passion.

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