10 most interesting films in the genre of disaster

If a movie with a happy ending does not appeal to you, then you surely like disaster films. Find out the best list and start watching!

So, the top 10 best films in the genre of disaster

  1. "Titanic"- This is a real classic of the genre that made millions of viewers cry. The plot is simple, as it is based on real events that took place on April 14, 1912. The huge liner made its first flight across the Atlantic Ocean. The richest people of America settle in comfortable cabins. Among them was the young girl Rose, whom her parents had prepared for a serene future. Chose for her and the groom. The girl dreams of love and during one of her walks through the ship she meets a simple poor artist Jack. Between them flare up real feelings. And let them belong to two completely different classes, it does not bother the lovers. Rocking on the waves, they enjoy each other and think about the future.But their plans crashed against the huge iceberg that the Titanic stumbled upon. He quickly goes to the bottom with the passengers. Under the threat of Jack and Rose's life, but love will force one of them to make sacrifices.
  2. "Day after tomorrow". Something inexplicable and strange is happening on Earth. In one part of it, all living things perish from drought, and heavy rain falls on the other. In addition, there is a process of global warming, as a result of which the climate has already begun to change. Scientist Jack Hall explores the water of a melting glacier and finds that something terrible is coming. Disasters are already beginning in the world. Jack is trying to warn the US government about impending disaster, but no one is listening. Meanwhile, the son of a scientist Sam Hall and a group of talented students are sent to New York for a quiz. There begins a storm, and then a flood. Water instantly freezes, chilling the city with ice. Jack has to save his son and other victims.
  3. "Armageddon". A huge asteroid is approaching Earth, which will destroy not only humanity, but also all life, as well as the planet. Time is less and less, so scientists need to develop a rescue plan as soon as possible.It is impossible to change the trajectory of the asteroid, but in the course of research it turns out that it is possible to blow it up from the inside. But for this you need to drill a hole to the very center. And professional drillers can help in this. The choice falls on Harry Stamper, engaged in oil production. But can a small group of people unfamiliar with science save the Earth?
  4. "Poseidon". Right on the eve of the New Year in the waters of the Atlantic, a huge wave overturns a cruise liner with the proud name "Poseidon". And while most of the surviving passengers are idle and waiting for help from the shore, the most enterprising decide to try to escape by themselves. Among them were a card sharper Dylan John, Maggie and her nine-year-old son, a modest travelless woman, a young waiter who decided to kill an elderly homosexual, and Robert Ramsey, who wants to find his missing daughter Jennifer, and her fiancé girl Christian. All of them have to fight with the ocean abyss and look for a way to the surface.
  5. "The Perfect Storm"- This is a real story that occurred with the fishing vessel Andrea Gale near the coast of America during Hurricane Grace.In a small coastal town inhabited by many fishermen who live by fishing. The last catch was unsuccessful, and several friends again decide to go to sea. They go to the Atlantic Ocean and overtake a large school of fish. But soon the fishermen notice that a hurricane is raging on the shore, which is gradually approaching the water. The waters of the Atlantic are terrible and dangerous, they do not spare anyone. Everyone understands this, therefore they are preparing for the worst and gather all the will into a fist. They will face a perfect storm.
  6. "Independence Day". On Earth, a signal is received that is not at all like the earth one. And two days before America’s Independence Day, representatives of unearthly civilizations arrive on the planet. Several small ships sank to the surface, and one huge hovered nearby. Earthlings are in a panic, because no one knows what the purpose of the visit of aliens. But when a powerful weapon shows up from the ships, everything falls into place. The newcomers are beginning to erase entire large cities from the face of the Earth. Earthlings tried to fight back, but the spacecraft were protected by a force field, so that all efforts were in vain.One of the pilots Stephen Hiller manages to shoot down a fighter and even bring an alien. As a result, it turns out that aliens need terrestrial resources, and to extract them, they are going to destroy all of humanity. Will the people of the planet succeed in interfering with the plans of uninvited guests?
  7. «2012». Geologist Adrian Helmsley in 2009 learns that very soon the Earth may perish. The outbreak on the Sun caused a neutrino flux that affects the Earth. The core heats up, and this can lead to a whole chain of cataclysms. It turns out that Maya, who interrupted their calendar for 2012, were right. Humanity can disappear, like a great civilization. The President of the United States at the summit of the Big Eight informs the heads of other states that the Earth is in danger. During the talks, it was decided to create a secret project, the main purpose of which would be the salvation of mankind. In the mountains of China begins the construction of ships, arks, which should accommodate 400 thousand people. Successful businessmen allocate money to finance the project, and thus they reserve places on the arks. But what do ordinary people do? And is destined to come true to the plans of scientists?
  8. "Facing the Abyss". Humanity is in danger. Directly to Earth, a huge comet is flying, which can completely destroy the entire planet. The President of the United States informs the world that something terrible might happen soon. But earthlings decide to fight. Directly on the surface of the comet goes the spaceship "Messiah", which must carry out an explosion and destroy a huge heavenly body. But the unexpected happens. The comet splits into two parts, which continue to fly to the Earth with great speed. The threat still exists, and people need to come up with a new plan to be saved.
  9. "The Omen". In 1959 a group of schoolchildren were asked to put their pictures into the capsule of time. After years the capsule is opened, and in the hands of Professor John Koestler gets a mysterious sheet, completely filled with numbers. The scientist tries to find out what all these numbers mean, and establishes the connection between them and the catastrophes and cataclysms that have occurred in the world over the past 50 years. Disasters will be falling on the Earth and beyond, but now Koestler knows when to wait. But is it possible to somehow prevent terrible events? And what do the most recent numbers written on the sheet mean?
  10. "Hell". The film is set in 2057. For many years the Sun has been dying out, and very soon it will completely extinct and thereby doom the inhabitants of the Earth to death. Earthlings decide to go on an expedition and give the star energy so that it can shine and warm farther. The first ship "Ikar-1", set off on a long journey, disappeared. Now the Ikara-2 crew is to deliver a nuclear bomb to the Sun. As a result of the explosion, according to scientists, the star must be charged and lighted again with the same strength. In the middle of the path the ship receives a signal from the missing Icarus-1, which has been drifting around Mercury for several years. Now the expedition participants have a choice: to save the crew of the first ship and pick up another bomb or not to deviate from the course and quietly fulfill their mission.

These were the best catastrophe films.

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