10 most interesting mystical films

Mystical films simply cannot be uninteresting. And which of them are worth a look?

So, the top 10 films in the genre of mysticism:

1. "13 Ghosts". Cyrus Criticus has a very unusual hobby. With the help of the medium Dennis Rafkin, he catches and locks ghosts into glass cells. All ghosts are in a specially equipped house of Cyrus, and the latter does not want to stop, but accidentally dies during the capture of the next cast.

The house is inherited by Criticus' nephew Arthur, who lost his home and is experiencing the loss of his wife. He decides to move to the mansion along with the housekeeper and children, but does not even suspect that there is no way to find peace in this place.

Soon the medium Dennis tells the family about the secret of the new home. Suddenly, all exits from the house are blocked, but the doors of cages with ghosts begin to open. Arthur will have to figure out the essence of the mechanism and stop the ghosts.

2. "Gothic". The main characters of the film Miranda and Douglas Gray work in a psychiatric clinic. One of the patients of Miranda killed her stepfather and told that she was sexually assaulted right in the hospital. The psychiatrist regarded it as a fantasy resulting from psychological trauma. Returning home, Miranda sees on the road a girl disappearing in the fire.

And soon the psychiatrist is in the clinic, but already as a patient. It turns out that she killed Douglas's own husband with an ax. But Miranda does not remember this and does not understand why it was necessary to kill her beloved spouse. And when a girl sees hallucinations again, she realizes that something is wrong.

3. «1408». Mike Enslin is a fairly famous writer who has published many books about mystical and unusual stories. But he himself does not believe in the other world, so when he receives a letter with a request never to go to room 1408 at the Hotel Dolphin, of course, he decides to go there to finally make sure of his rightness.

This room has a sad glory. Everyone who visited it, either died under mysterious circumstances, or went insane. And the survivors talked about mysterious ghosts.Mike decided to refute the rumors and calmly opened the door. At first everything was peaceful and peaceful, but soon Anslin strongly regretted that he did not want to believe in otherworldly forces.

4. "Constantine: Lord of Darkness". Constantine is not an ordinary person. From childhood, he can see and discern demons and angels, and also notice them among people. But such abilities do not allow a guy to live a normal life, and therefore he decides to commit suicide, knowing full well that he will go to hell for such a mortal sin. But from the hell of Constantine again sent to the world of people, instructing him to protect the boundaries between hell and heaven.

The main character himself is far from being a saint, he smokes a lot and periodically tries to plunge into oblivion and relax with the help of alcohol. But he is approached by a young police officer, Angela, whose twin sister recently committed suicide. The girl does not believe that her sister could decide on this and suspects that otherworldly forces have intervened. Konstantin begins an investigation and finds out that the inhabitants of hell are strong and insidious.

5. "Mirrors". Ben Carson is a simple policeman, who was ousted from service just a year ago because of an explosive and complex nature.Because of Ben, another policeman died, but the fault was an accident. Carson started drinking and almost lost his family and everything he had.

But he came to his senses in time and decided to get a security guard in a newly burned store. The department store, which was recently a symbol of abundance, turned into ruins. And one day, Ben, spending the evening round and looking at the many decorative mirrors, noticed strange reflections in them. Ominous paintings appeared before him and made him think and try to find out what happened here before.

6. "The Sixth Sense". Malcolm Crowe is a child psychiatrist. And one of his patients is a nine-year-old boy Cole. He does not look like other children, because he lives in terrible fear and constantly sees people who once lived, but already died. They come to him and bring down all the suffering, all his anger. Malcolm tries to help the young patient, but realizes that he is powerless.

But Crowe realizes that the symptoms of Cole are similar to those that once manifested in his former patient Vincent. The latter, too, had seen the dead since childhood, and eventually shot himself right in front of his wife and a psychiatrist, saying that no one could help him.But is there really something in common with Vince and Cole? Or does the boy have anything to do with Malcolm himself?

7. "Other". Young Grace waits for her husband from the war and moves with her son and daughter to a large mansion. Children suffer from an unknown and strange disease and do not tolerate daylight. Grace strictly forbids servants to open windows and leave doors open. But soon someone is trying to break the rules.

Something strange is beginning to happen in the house: the doors and curtains open themselves, filling the rooms with a light so dangerous for children. And the servants report that they had once worked in this mansion, although this could not be.

8. "Presentiment". At least once in their lives, everyone faced with an incomprehensible premonition of something bad or even terrible. The main character Linda experienced the same sensation. She lived in a small cozy house with her spouse and daughters, and nothing foretold trouble. But one day, the girl learned from the sheriff that her husband Jim died in a terrible disaster.

Linda does not know how to live on, but wakes up the next morning and sees in the kitchen a lively and healthy husband. What happened yesterday? Or was it just a dream? Soon, Linda realizes that the premonition is not accidental. She must prevent terrible events and save Jim.

9."Half Light". The successful science fiction writer Rachel Carlson lost her son and could not imagine her life without him. She blamed herself and saw five-year-old Thomas everywhere. The inconsolable woman decided to start a new life and went to the small seaside village of Ingonish Cove. Rachel moved to a new comfortable home, began to communicate with her neighbors, and even decided to write again.

But overnight, everything changed. At the festival, she accidentally learned that everyone considers her new friend Angus dead for seven years. But why, then, did Rachel communicate with him? When she finds out that there is simply no evidence of Angus, she literally loses her mind and realizes that she can communicate with ghosts.

10. "Ghost Express"- This is a mystical story about three strangers who travel in a long-distance train. Fate decided to push them and try. Conductor Miles makes a detour and notices a sleeping man, but he suddenly throws back his head and opens his eyes. The young passenger Chloe explains that this man is dead.

In the car there is another passenger - Pete. All three pay attention to the box, clamped in the hands of the deceased.This unusual thing attracts looks and seems to hypnotize. Pete decides to open the box, presses a button and sees inside what is capable of driving you crazy. But strangers do not go to the police, each of them wants to have an unusual thing.

These were the most interesting and exciting mystical films.

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