10 signs of a bad first date

It's like that. But, as a rule, a date is ruled by a man, if this is, of course, a man, and not a bag of straw in Tommy Hilfiger pants. And here the reasons for anxiety appear in girls.

  1. He is late

Being late, of course, can be different. In a big city, getting into a traffic jam is much easier than not getting there, and the chef, who unexpectedly decided at the end of the day to confer on the company’s fate with the sysadmin Vasya, would hardly accept the “date” argument as worthy of attention. But the only thing that Vasya can and should do in such a situation is to warn. A girl with much greater willingness will wait in a cafe if her counterpart apologizes and reports the reasons for being late. And if he is silent? It takes 15 minutes, half an hour, an hour ... The girl is worried, waiting, but not leaving. What if something happened to him? Even if this is so - he thank you, not a husband. And the reason for the alarm here is quite different, namely: he does not care for a date. If he was hit by a truck - you will sooner or later learn about this and rehabilitate it in your head later.In the meantime, if he is late and does not warn, just leave.

  1. He orders nothing

And you hastily thrust into the hands of the tea card, until you had time to grasp the main menu. Himself orders a glass of packaged juice or a cup of coffee. Perhaps he is on a diet or not hungry, but most likely he is either a beggar, or a miser, or terribly in a hurry, but he just came to look at you with one eye and assess whether he was rolling or not. In the meantime, dinner is not ordered, you can quickly date. Or, on the contrary, to sit an hour over this unfortunate glass of juice. Then, of course, dividing the bill. You can, of course, order a knuckle at your own risk and nobly pay for your dinner, but I always adhere to the rule: “A man can allow me to pay for myself. But only once.

10 signs of a bad first date

  1. He has bad manners

He cannot calmly wait for the waiter, gossips about others, requires the administrator to complain about the poor service or quality of food. But for a moment, he is not a restaurant critic and not a critic at all, he has come to meet you. If it is more interesting for him to pay attention to any trifles, and even in a negative way, and not to you, then let him deal with it alone. We will not distract him.

  1. He does not offer to take you home

This may be due either to point three or as a sign that he is not happy with the date. In any case, if he says goodbye to you somewhere in the city and escapes into the night with the words “get in touch”, it is absolutely not recommended for you to call him. Wait for a call from him, however, too.

  1. He drinks irrepressibly

Once I met a very attractive and wealthy man. His business, traveling, fun and loves to live to the fullest. I thought that in this we are the same. But, unlike him, I am not able to drink a bottle of wine in one person in 15 minutes and order a second without a pause. Perhaps, of course, he was very nervous, which I very much doubt. But getting drunk right after the word “hello” is a very disturbing bell. And when he said that he was going to drive, I was finally convinced that the concept of "living to the fullest" people may not coincide.

10 signs of a bad first date

  1. He criticizes you

He allows himself to scornfully respond to your work, even if you are just a call center operator, he claims that he doesn’t like cats, reports that he’s like blondes ... So why does he sit here with you, the brunette cat lady? More precisely, why are you sitting with him?

  1. He is not on a date

Yes Yes. Just hanging out with a friend, not throwing it now.Cool guy Peter. He will sit with us. And then, perhaps, more guys will drive up. It will be fun. Come with us to the club? Hanging out with cool guys is always fun, but you have your own cool friends for parties, don't you? And in the club you can always "accidentally" lose you, but in anticipation, when you are there, drink a couple of cocktails with that blonde stranger who is in his taste.

  1. He suffers on the former

They were all good, but she left him, or everything was bad, she was a bitch, and he left her. It does not matter. It is important that he is still in a relationship with her, and you will not have a place there. Try to refute my words. Only when you are already preparing him dinner at his house, she will suddenly open the door with her key, take out her slippers and throw them out into the cold. And he will not prevent this.

10 signs of a bad first date

  1. He invites you to a date in a deserted place.

This, of course, stupid paranoia - to be afraid of maniacs. But it is better to be a living stupid coward than a dead brave girl who loves everything unusual.

  1. He constantly talks about mom

They have a good warm relationship, so he bought an apartment in a nearby house with her. Or he didn’t buy anything at all, because it’s better to live better, cozier, more comfortable life with mom.He takes care of her and tells in detail about her cooking, housekeeping, attitude towards his girls. This is all very interesting, but it would be better, really, he sent her on a date for you instead of himself.

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