11 stars who first gave birth at the age of 40

Once upon a time, a young man was considered to be under 20 years old. Then the maturity of the first period began. Now youth "extended" to 35 years. Extend extended, but gynecologists consider women who first came to give birth after 30, no longer young. Although there are more and more of these: first the girl studies, then builds a career, and then she thinks about the family. And this is neither good nor bad - just this is today's reality. And Wday.ru gathered stars, which by their example refute the stereotype that it is necessary to give birth to a first-born child up to 25 years.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria gave birth, photo
A photo:Gettyimages

The most desperate housewife became a mother for the first time in 43 years. This became known on June 20, the day after the happy event. The couple had a boy called Sanyago Enrique.

The birth of the child was expected back in May. But Santiago was in no hurry. Eva even got a hashtag, denoting how tired she was already waiting for her son to be born. After all, at the end of the pregnancy, it was hard even for her to walk. Looking at the huge belly of the star, it was a complete feeling that at least triplets would be born.

Santiago became the third child for Longoria’s husband José Bastón. But for Eve this is the first experience - even though she said that she considers her husband's children hers too.

Victoria Talyshinskaya

Victoria Talyshinskaya
A photo:Facebook.com

In February 2015, the soloist of the group "Nepara" married restorer Ivan Salakhov. A year later, she became pregnant. And her position was not particularly concealed - touching photos of Victoria with a rounded belly collected dozens of equally touching comments on her Instagram. And on October 29, the singer first became a mother - on the threshold of her fortieth birthday.

“It has passed. Everything is good, ”her husband reported shortly to the subscribers.

Born Victoria in the Miami clinic. A girl was born - 3410 grams weight, 54 centimeters tall. The next day, happy mom shared in social networks an incredibly cute picture - the imprint of the leg of her newborn daughter. Baby already invented a name - Barbara.

Photo posted by Victoria Talyshinskaya (@ vitabel777)Oct 30 2016 at 10:50 PDT

Julianna moore

A photo:Splashnews

37 years - so much was the red-haired beauty, when her firstborn was born with her husband, director Bart Freindlich. The boy was named Caleb. But one child in the family is not enough. The couple decided that the guy needed a brother.Or sis. Julianne was 42 when a girl, Liv Helen, was born. Which, by the way, is surprisingly similar to its star mom and promises to grow into the same beauty.

- I try never to scream at children. But there are rules in the house that they must strictly adhere to. Children are not adults. And they need to be protected, - told Julianna about her principles of education.

Jodie foster

Jodie Foster, personal life
A photo:Splashnews

The actress never talked about her personal life. The “Child Foster” book was a real revelation. True, it was not written by her, but by brother Jody. There he described the childhood and adolescence of his famous sister. In 2007, the Oscar-winning actress publicly admitted to her unconventional orientation, which did not prevent her from becoming a mother. Jody has two sons: she gave birth to the first at 36, the second at 39. Being a fully mature woman, which is already there.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci with children
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Beautiful Italian first became a mother in 39 years. Her daughter, Virgo, was born literally a couple of weeks before the fortieth anniversary of the beautiful actress. After more than five years, when Monica was already 45, she ventured into another birth. And the daughter was born again - Leoni.This is someone who does not care about the terrible pugalka of Russian moms: they say, think about how you will look like, 50-year-old grandmother, on September 1. In addition, the grandmother Monica is absolutely not like.

“Children are not movies. They do not tolerate hustle and bustle when preparing for their appearance, ”said the star.

Svetlana Permyakova

Svetlana Permyakova
A photo:EastNews

The star of the series "Interns" - also of the late. She didn’t have any luck with marriage, and she really wanted to give birth to a baby. Out of the situation Svetlana found a non-standard. She did not resort to the help of the sperm bank. Apparently, the actress did not want to act at random. Therefore, Svetlana simply offered her director Maxim Scriabin to become the father of her child. Without obligations. Maxim at the time was 19 years old. On the proposal of Svetlana, he agreed. But he does not refuse to commitments and takes an active part in the upbringing of the daughter of Barbara.

When the girl was born, Svetlana was 39 years old.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman
A photo:Splashnews

Definitely Tom Cruise was not the man of her life - otherwise why Nicole could not get pregnant? Spouses adopted two children. And then, as you know, divorced. The actress married again.And everything turned out - at the age of 41, Nicole gave birth to her first daughter, Sunday Rose. The second biological daughter, Nicole, and her husband, singer Keith Urban, were endured by a surrogate mother.

By the way, the actress believes that bathing in a mountain lake not far from the place where the Australia movie was filmed helped her to get pregnant.

Ilze Liepa

Ilze Liepa
A photo:EastNews

The famous ballerina was not too lucky in his personal life. Ilze's first husband was Sergey Stadler, a violinist. They had no children, the marriage broke up. With the second husband, businessman Vladislav Paulus, the ballerina lived 14 years. From him gave birth to a daughter Nadya. At that time, Ilze Liepe turned 46 years old. People's Artist broke up with the father of the child when the child was five years old. And since then, raising a daughter alone.

- Children should grow up in love. Therefore, I decided to divorce, ”Ilze told journalists later.

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe with children
A photo:Splashnews

This beauty is a Hollywood designer. She is no less popular than her star clients. Career, business, hard share of self-made woman. In general, Rachel gave birth to her first child at the age of 39. The boy was named Skyler. But with the second child, Rachel did not. Three years later, when she turned 42, Skyler had a brother.As the Western press wrote, the actress presented her husband, banker Roger Berman, a priceless gift for Christmas - baby Kaius.


Madonna and Lourdes
A photo:Splashnews

Pop idol is also not in a hurry to acquire children. Yes, and settle in principle. Scandalous reputation was Madonna only benefit. The first daughter, Lourdes, the singer gave birth when she was 38 years old. The father of the child became the personal trainer of Madonna. The star did not form relations with him. A few years later, she married the famous director Guy Ritchie. At 42, Madonna gave birth to a son Rocco. In addition, the singer has two adopted children: a boy from an African family and a girl from Malawi.

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon
A photo:Splashnews

The most interesting in the life of the actress began after forty years. Stepping over this age line, she played her best roles, won the second Oscar and became a mother with many children. But in her youth, doctors labeled her diagnosis “infertility”!

With her first husband, Susan divorced. Re-married to director Franco Amurri. At 39, she gave birth to a daughter, Eve. And then again a divorce, the third marriage, in which she gave birth to two more children - when she was already over forty.

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