12 unusual star offers of hands and hearts

This day will be remembered for a lifetime, even if your loved one does not invent something special, but simply gets on one knee and stretches the box with the ringlet. However, there are people, and stars among them, who are ready to make the whole show out of a marriage proposal.

Rebecca Romain and Jerry O’Connell

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The performer of the role of Mystic in the film “X-Men” was not at all mystical, but a very touching marriage proposal: during a trip to New York, her future husband brought her to the house where he spent her childhood and with whom he had many memories associated and it was there that asked an important question.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

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One of the most popular rap artists of the world made a whole show out of a marriage proposal: he made it during the celebration of the 33rd anniversary of Kim in the presence of her numerous relatives and friends. On the one hand, “stole a holiday”, because now Kim's engagement day coincides with her birthday, but on the other, she was hardly upset about it,opening a box with a ring from the famous jeweler Lorraine Schwartz with a 15-carat diamond worth $ 8 million.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alwez

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This couple had a happy event also on Christmas Eve, however, there was no horse carriage. Sly Matthew gave Camila a pile of presents, and among the many boxes and boxes she was hidden by the one with the cherished ring. And she was lying at the bottom, and as soon as Camila got to her, Matthew got on one knee.

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

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While the girlfriend was not at home, Ben decorated her apartment with rose petals and candles. Tell me, what is so unusual? Ben probably wouldn’t be a comedian if he didn’t get into funny situations himself: as soon as he got on one knee, he immediately remembered that he had forgotten the ring at home. Oops! To his happiness, Christine said: "Yes!"

Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bretman

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During a vacation in Canada, Jordan, an expert in marketing, made a surprise for Christina - the number was covered with rose petals and full of boxes with gifts. It turned out that Jordan was talented not only in the field of marketing - in each box was a love poem written by him.When Christina opened the last one (she was with a ring), the poet-marketer got on one knee and asked the singer to become his wife.

Ludacris and Yudoksi Agnan

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The rapper and actor (not so long ago he could be seen in the movie “Fast and Furious-7”) made a very impressive offer to his girlfriend Yudoksi. After they took to the air in a private plane, Ludacris thumped on one knee and asked her friend to look out the porthole: a projection shone on a grass field with the words “Yudoksi, would you marry me?” signed like this: “She didn’t say yes. She said, "YES, DAMN IT!"

Dean McDermoth and Tori Spelling

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And lucky star of the series "Beverly Hills, 90210" with a man! He made her a truly fabulous offer. It was on Christmas Eve, so along the path along which the couple was riding in a horse drawn carriage, Christmas lights shone. And their path ended with a meadow, where, surrounded by decorated Christmas trees, there was a table, on which was a cherished box with a ring.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey
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Nick enjoyed making an offer to Mariah so much that he made it twice.For the first time on the roof of her house in New York overlooking the Empire State Building, and by order of Nick, the famous skyscraper shone with the highlight of Mariah's favorite colors, pink and purple, and the roof area was decorated with balloons of the same colors. He gave the singer a cookie in the form of a ring, inside of which the present lurked -with emerald in 17 caratsfor 2.5 million dollars. The next day, while flying a helicopter around the Empire State Building, Nick repeated his suggestion. What for? Probably again wanted to see the happy eyes of his beloved. Alas, their happiness did not last long - in August last year the couple divorced after six years of marriage.

Pink and Carey Hart

Pink and Carey Hart
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The singer has always been distinguished by disregard for social rules and foundations, she shook them and making (yes, that is so!) An offer to her lover, motorcycle racer Carey Hart. In 2005, at the stadium during one of his races, the singer, sitting on the podium, raised a banner above her head with a large inscription: “Will you marry me?” phrase: "I'm serious!" It turned out, as they say, without casualties and destruction,although Pink, of course, was risking: not every man would have calmly reacted to such a poster while sitting at the wheel of a madly racing motorcycle.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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The prince made a proposal to his future wife in a rather unexpected place and during a not very common occupation among lovers: the couple was on a 10-day safari in Africa. Kate did not spread the details of this event, told reporters only that "it was very romantic." By the way, the ring that William presented to Kate was with history: it used to belong to Princess Diana. However, the proposal itself could have been completely trivial, but after all, his real prince did it ... It’s possible that he was on a white African horse ... Oh.

Seal and Heidi Klum

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To say the cherished words, the singer took the supermodel to the Canadian mountains. There, at an altitude of 4 thousand meters, on the Heidi glacier, she saw a hut built specifically for this occasion - inside were rose petals, candles and champagne. A kneeling Force with a ring (with a yellow diamond of 10 carats for 150 thousand dollars) in the outstretched hand was also included.

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