4 non-standard answers from 4: tasks that even a genius will not master!

“There is a lot of truth, but truth is one” - certainly, a wise saying. But the tasks for the use of non-standard thinking can not be attributed to her, too many variations, ways and omissions remain in each case. Nevertheless, to find the most accurate, taking into account all the nuances, the answer is often incapable even of clever and wise people. Can you?

There may be several correct answers: it all depends on how well the task conditions are taken into account and how the answer explains the situation. From how strongly you have developed logic and creative creative thinking, it depends how witty the answer will be!

Stand still and don't breathe

No, it's not about x-rays, but also about pictures.

The well-known master of photography with the most modern technology set the model as he saw fit. His camera had a well-adjusted excerpt, as an additional equipment was used all that was needed, including a tripod.After the camera was installed, the photographer said:

- Freeze, I will shoot with a very long exposure.

Why did he need it if there was a flash?

Photo source: pixabay.com

Answer:the photographer could shoot a model against the background of the starry sky, the cityscape or any other background, which will manifest itself in all its glory only without a flash - on long exposure. A flash was needed to initially set the composition (the frame with it is a worker).


Fifth wheel

The driver was driving along the city street and broke the wheel, so that it almost immediately let down. Deciding to change it, he performed the entire series of standard actions: put on the emergency brake, turned on the first gear, pulled out a spare tire, jack, stops, key from the trunk. He removed the broken wheel without any problems, but when he put the spare one, he drove past a truck and brushed away a newspaper with all four nuts from the wheel in heavy rain.

A man is sitting, he is sad because he cannot go any further, and a tow truck must be called. A boy about 12 years old goes by and says:

- Uncle, but I know how you can easily get to the service or auto shop now!

How did the boy help the unfortunate driver?

Photo source: pixabay.com

Answer:He proposed to unscrew the remaining three wheels one nut each and fasten the fourth wheel. So on each of them there will be 3 nuts, and their stability will be enough to get to the right place.


Bank and 200 dollars

A man quickly drove the car to the entrance to the bank, jumped out of the car and, while detaining more than 25 people, demanded money. Returning to the car with only 200 dollars, he came across a policeman, but he, gloomily saying a few words to him, let the man go.

How is this possible?

Photo source: pixabay.com

Answer:the man took off his money, and he detained people by blocking the passage. The policeman simply told him that you could not park here.



The robbers attacked a man with a big gold ring. The ring did not want to be removed, and then they simply cut off the victim's finger. However, the man didn’t just shout - he didn’t even squeak.

Why could this happen?

Photo source: pixabay.com

Answer:here even the creators of the problem do not agree. The easiest option - the passerby was mute - let's say, but the versions sound more interesting: “he had gold teeth, so the passerby was afraid that they would be pulled out too” or “never said that the person or the victim was a man.Maybe they robbed a woman, and she screamed, and a man in the condition is needed to confuse. ”

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