5 ways to present flowers in an original way

Whatever you decide to make a gift for your beloved, dear or not, it's important to present it correctly. Many will say that giving a bouquet of flowers is trite and even boring. However, if you do it right, using your imagination and your creative potential, you can surprise your girlfriend so much that she will remember this bouquet for many years.

Present a bouquet through the window

For the realization of this bold idea, you need to carefully prepare. First of all, negotiate with the company of industrial mountaineering. Using special equipment, employees of this company will be able to deliver flowers straight to the window of your chosen one. Just think how much she will be surprised when she sees a climber with a bouquet in her hands on the window-sill! Do not forget to write a note so that the girl probably knows who to thank for such a surprise. You can also ask that you deliver flowers to the right window after a short briefing.

You are very lucky if the lady of the heart lives on the first floor: all you need is a small stepladder so that the young lady is really surprised.

Prince on a white horse with a bouquet

Surely every girl has ever dreamed of a prince on a white horse, so, this is your chance to make her dream come true. It can also be an opportune moment for the offer of a hand and heart. For a surprise success, invite a girl to walk in the park. Meanwhile, you should already have to wait for the cooked horse and flowers. Exit for a minute while you are walking, then to suddenly and effectively appear on a horse and with flowers. Your sweetheart will remember this moment all his life.

Bouquet presentation at a mall

This is not an option where you simply hand her flowers in the middle of some boutique. Here you need to pre-agree with the store management, so that they are on speakerphone invited your girl to go to the administration. After reaching the reception desk, the surprised girl will receive a beautiful bouquet with a soft toy or a balloon.

If everything that we have listed, it seemed impossible to you, then we will tell you about simple but effective ways to present a bouquet to a girl.

Bouquet while running

Another option to surprise your girlfriend is to order flowers to the office, the easiest way is to shop online, for example, here. When she, at the height of the working day, sees a deliveryman with a bouquet of red roses, she will be in a good mood for a very long time.

You can also ask the guard to leave a bouquet on her desk in the evening or sutra, even before everyone comes to work. When the girl comes into place, having found a beautiful bouquet on her table with a pleasant note, she will be greatly surprised.

Flowers at dinner in a restaurant

Before you come to a romantic dinner with your beloved, arrange with the waiter to bring your bouquet at a certain time. It remains to decide when it is better to do it: at the beginning of dinner it will be pleasant to admire them all evening, at the end the flowers will not interfere if they are too large, of course.

And a bonus

Now the most inexpensive option offered. If you live together, then while she is at work, decorate the bed, corridor or bath with rose petals, it will greatly please her and will not hit your pocket.

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