7 examples of homewear that can be worn outside

Summer is the best time to start treating your own clothes easier and more relaxed, if suddenly you have never done this before. And the upcoming summer sales is a reason to look in the stores in the departments of home wear and discover that there are selling things that you can safely (and stylishly!) To beat outside the bedroom and living room. Namely - on vacation, on a walk and even in the office. We have gathered some convincing examples of home clothes that even awkwardly “lock up” houses.

Striped shirt

What is the difference between a sleep shirt and an office shirt? It seems that we find it difficult to answer ... At least, in the case of this find, both options are possible, and if we talk about the "street" exit, then such a shirt will look stylish in the summer with short 7/8 trousers or culottes.

Victoria's Secret Shirt

Victoria's Secret Shirt (2 764 rub.)

Pajamas with doggies

In this set everything is perfectly resolute - everything is a cheerful print and 100% cotton in the composition,and cut T-shirts and pants, which, by the way, in addition to home and the street, you can also wear to the gym, if you do yoga or other exercises that do not require increased physical exertion.

Asos Pajama Set

Asos Pajama Set (2 083 rubles)

Mint Pajamas

This thing will definitely win the hearts of all the "sloths" for whom the selection of trousers for a blouse or jacket under the skirt was always in the shower a little flour. Everything is simple and understandable here, especially if there is no Saturday or Sunday on the calendar and no idle events are planned: you simply put on this pajamas and look for shoes for its intended purpose - sneakers, sandals or slippers.

Boohoo Pajama Set

Boohoo Pajama Set (1 302 rub. At a 60% discount)

Bathrobe with embroidery

This lyrical and romantic thing definitely does not want to “lock up” at home, so that nobody but the cat and the girlfriends at the pajama party see such a beautiful pattern. Well, no, this dressing-gown can be easily worn on the street over a thin dress-shirt or denim shorts with a white knit top.

Oysho bathrobe

Bathrobe Oysho (3 999 rub.)

Lace Trim Top

According to the idea, shorts made of the same material come to this top, but if you replace them with a strict skirt of thick cotton, and add a lightweight safari vest to the top,then nobody even guessed about the “pajama” origin of this thing in a very beautiful “night” shade of blue.

Top mango

Top Mango (1,299 rubles. At a discount of 35%)

Tunic with tassels

This thing is generally blasphemous to call only home, unless the house is located somewhere on the Hollywood hills overlooking the neighborhood directly from the pool. It will be easy to find this double use in this summer tunic - for example, to meet guests at home, and then make it the most popular outfit on vacation.

Tassel tunic Zara Home

Tunic with tassels Zara Home (6 599 rub.)

Checked pajama pants

Guaranteed less "home" these pants made of soft-to-touch flannel material will look if you take a smaller model that does not sit too loose, and then you can wear it on with relaxed things like base t-shirts and T-shirts, and with more noble ones - silk shirts or linen coats, for example.

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