7 lifjhakov for online shopping

In online shopping, there is no this magic of first acquaintance with a thing, when you first fall in love with color from a distance, then you feel the material to the touch, and then in the dressing room at the mirror you realize that with this find you are now inseparable. Moreover, there are things that it is even risky to purchase on the Internet: for example, a wool-looking coat and the description of a coat can actually turn out to be thin - just for Paris, not for the Moscow winter, and boat shoes - require a high rise. and sit on your leg just like a weapon of torture. However, all these incidents still do not stop us, because with the feeling that you are in the middle of the most profitable sale of the season, without getting up from the couch, nothing compares. It is for such "sofa" shopaholics with and without experience that we have prepared today's useful tips for shopping in online stores.

Lifshack No. 1: compare the price for the same item

This mainly concerns large multi-brand online stores: they sell items all over the world, but they are still based in one particular country, therefore, the prices of things are indexed in accordance with the currency rate of this country.In other words, it is unprofitable for American designers to buy at Asos, while British designers will come out more expensive at Neiman Marcus. And yet, in each case, the price of things is better to check in several online stores through aggregator sites like Polyvore and ShopStyle, which demonstrate the offers of dozens of trendy sites for comparison.

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Life hacking number 2: learn how the thing sits on the model

First of all it concerns miniature shopaholics. Internet shops have become accustomed to demonstrating the range on tall girls and usually in the description of the thing indicate the growth of the model. Consider this when buying skirts, shorts, trousers and jeans, and otherwise coveted culottes, which sat so cool on the model, will look like a skirt-trousers on you.

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Life hacking number 3: filter mail from online stores

Online stores know how to be annoying: as soon as you have purchased something for the first time, you will be added to the customer list and will be sent daily information about everything happening on the site. Get a special folder for email alerts for online stores, and then forced advertising will not bother you, and you will be free to get acquainted with the content of the letters.

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Life hacking number 4: Subscribe to your favorite online stores on Instagram and Facebook

Thus, you will be aware of updates from the online store and do not miss the beginning of the sale, when all small sizes fly in the first place. By the way, some shopping sites give customers a discount for Like on their page - not such a big sacrifice, given that after ordering the mark can be removed.

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Life hacking number 5: read reviews about things

Some online stores, such as Free People or Shopbop, allow their customers to post reviews about purchases directly on the item page. By passing the insignificant positive reviews, you can find extremely useful information in consumer reviews: for example, that the color of a thing in reality looks brighter or that you have little in front of you.

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Life hacking number 6: buy things that are likely to fit without fitting

With accessories and everything is clear, but from the clothes these include jackets and coats of the A-silhouette, voluminous sweaters and turtlenecks, any T-shirts, dresses with a simple cut and sweatshirts. As for shoes, it is more risky to buy those with a narrow toe than with an open or round toe.

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Life hacking number 7: be smarter with discounts

Many sites give customers a 10% discount if this is your first purchase. You can cheat the site by registering another mailbox or ordering a thing on a friend’s box. If the online store has a dialog box for conversation with the manager, then you can ask him a question about discounts or special offers with delivery to your region. If they exist, you will be sent a coupon to the post office.

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