7 secrets for fresh smell in the toilet and bathroom

  • Night shadow

    1) Again, the gas attack with vinegar. Brr
    2) homemade fresheners - utter nonsense. The benefits are zero. Checked a million ways back in the Soviet era and restructuring. The wall from the upper floor to the first throughout the parking lot was stunned by sewage under Brezhnev, and even after replacing the pipes and plaster in the bathroom with the tiles, the stench did not disappear. It will only help replace the bricks of the entire entrance wall. So there's nothing to drive nonsense. For normal bathrooms there are normal detergents.

  • Anonymous

    Wash towels with bleach and CHLORINE! Cool ... And then also breathe vinegar ... Do not shrug, thank you. Better new towels! Especially in them now there is no shortage.

  • https://ok.ru/profile/526299493420Evgeny Ivanov

    It is necessary to wash with chlorine (whiteness) without fanaticism - at high temperatures it has a negative effect on the structure of the fabric and whitens the colors. In the sense of washing, you can, but not partly, otherwise you will get holes in vinegar all the time in a room for the air conditioner - it makes the colors more vivid, removes static and at the same time machine prevention from scale ...


    I read in the boards an excellent remedy for the smell in the toilet and have been using it for half a year already! I drop a few drops of essential oil (I have lavender and pine or fir) on the toilet roll and on a cotton pad that I put on a towel warmer, a pleasant smell is guaranteed! I do this every morning and I am very pleased. I have a bathroom combined. Try it!

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