7 tools that will help to arrange a spa in your own bathroom

Making a home is always a good idea. For the corresponding spa effect, the atmosphere, aromas and, of course, the result of the procedure itself are important. We tell what brands will help in this.


Russian brand spa cosmetics. The assortment consists of nine products: shampoo, conditioner for hair, shower gel, two types of body cream, three types of massage oil and bath salts. Good news for environmentalists: funds are not tested on animals, and the production uses renewable energy.

A special love is coconut body cream. Aroma unobtrusive, pleasantly relaxing. It is quickly absorbed, does not leave behind a film or feeling of fat content. The composition of the shock dose of collagen, as befits a professional cosmetics. Another bonus is a nice price.

Body cream "Paradise pleasure", SpaTouch

Body Cream "Paradise pleasure", SpaTouch (1 500 rub.)

Comfort Zone

We love this Italian brand for a long time and justifiably. The choice is great: from cosmetics for correcting the figure and detox to basic means for cleansing and moisturizing. The aroma of each product is stunning - the feeling of an expensive spa in your own bathroom is guaranteed.

Acquaintance with the brand can begin with a travel set, especially if you are going on vacation. There are several options. The cleansing kit, for example, includes a gel for washing, a tonic, a cleansing mask and a moisturizing fluid.

Road set "Cloudless forecast", Comfort Zone

Road set «Cloudless forecast», Comfort Zone (2 710 rub.)


The Mahash Spa network has its own line of cosmetics. It will help to relax after a working day at home almost as effectively as in the salon. The brand has both cosmetics for daily care of the skin of the face, as well as products for a complete spa ritual for the body. For example, this antioxidant scrub with extracts of white and green tea. The skin after it is literally silk.

Mahash Body Scrub

Scrub for body Mahash (5 600 rub.)


One of the world's oldest brands of cosmetics for spa. The brand's DNA is algae, which is used in all products. Products are hypoallergenic, they do not contain parabens or phenoxyethanol.

In addition to the line for the body, we advise you to pay attention to the means for face care.But if familiarity with the brand is just beginning, you can try the cream exfoliant for the body, which when applied turns into oil. With this you will not get lost. The skin after the procedure is gentle!

Cream-exfoliant, Algotherm

Exfoliating cream, Algotherm (1 449 rub.)


Elemis is the child of the fashionable London spa of the same name. Many products in the line really deserve praise for the qualitative composition and pleasing effect.

The advantage of this body cream is that it not only moisturizes well, but also promotes the exfoliation of old cells due to lactic acid. It is quickly absorbed and does not stick.

Ameliorate Transforming Body Cream, Elymis

Body cream Ameliorate Transforming, Elémis (1 890 rub.)

The organic pharmacy

Another hello from London. For those who love everything natural - a real find. Unlike many organic brands, the brand produces not only cosmetics, but also decorative cosmetics: for example, mascara based on beeswax and non-toxic nail polishes.

The body ruler is absolutely beautiful. Want to relax and forget about everything - try bath oil. There are three kinds: with rose, neroli and jasmine.

Jasmin Bath Oil, The Organic Pharmacy

Jasmin Bath Oil, The Organic Pharmacy Bath Oil (4,250 rubles)

Cold spring apothecary

The American brand Cold Spring Apothecary has it all: from all kinds of creams, shampoos, balms,ending with abrupt means for the house - aromatic aromas and candles with intoxicating smells. For example, pepper and tobacco.

Choose one is difficult. From being able to spend the entire salary, it stops what the brand cannot be found in Russia. But, if not against waiting, there is delivery.

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