7 ways to bring relationships to a new level

Think together about the future.

How do you see your relationship in a year? In five years? Okay, and this summer, what are you doing? It is doubly pleasant to dream together, and at the same time to translate your ideas into very real plans that are not so difficult to carry out. Try not to keep your expectations in yourself and exchange them with your partner to understand whether you are alone in the wave of views on a shared future.

Set a goal to quit a bad habit together.

If, of course, you have one for two. We are not limited only to bad habits from the Ministry of Health, but we also take into account those customs that are not too healthy for health, which take up precious time from you. For example, the same dream until 13:00 every weekend or manic attachment to a car, which in summer (if possible!) Can be partially replaced by bicycle or walking.

7 ways to bring relationships to a new level

Clean up finances

Not the most lyrical point, but nowhere without money, nowhere, so you have to make such pragmatic digressions.Why, in fact, discuss together finances? First of all, in order to plan spending before summer in such a way that more funds remain for joint (we emphasize, JOINT) pleasures.

Get yourself a new hobby

Take a moment while the summer season opens. And outside the sport there are still courses of foreign languages ​​and cooking or volunteering in canine shelters. In large cities, there are plenty of classes, it will only be possible to find a comfortable place and schedule.

Take a pause

Intentional rejection of gadgets and other carriers of social networks is called an Internet detox. People who have tried it in practice are satisfied: you begin to distribute your free time in a different way, to find new activities for yourself and to pay attention to the life that flows around. For couples, the Internet detox has a separate bonus: studies say that someone who sits less on the phone has more sex.

Start moving house together

Be based on the fact that this is your common space and both of you will take part in the changes.First make a wish list from each of you, and then turn it into a work plan to improve your romantic nest. Pinterest, IKEA, and inspiring handmade decor blogs help you.

7 ways to bring relationships to a new level

Plan yourself one special evening a week.

Weekends can be left alone and choose one weekday evening that you will spend: a) together and b) with chic. Degree of chic and glitter determine to your taste, but it is important that both of you take it seriously or even with a share of creative work once a week to be published together. Premieres, exhibitions, cocktails, parties - all this summer is enough, so it will be where to celebrate.

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