99 series Habitat - Roadside Picnic

End of May - the time of the first picnics and outdoor recreation. We fry kebabs and set the table on the street. But sometimes the rest ends with a hospital. We sell kebabs from poor-quality meat, toxic means for starting a fire and unsafe snacks.


Barbecue.Now few people pickle meat on their own - most buy ready-made kebabs. Plastic buckets with pickled pork or chicken are sold in every supermarket. "Habitat" bought seven buckets of shish kebab in several shops and took them to the Rosselkhoznadzor laboratory. Four samples were found to be safe. They were taken to the Abkhaz village of Kutol. This is one of the most ancient and rich villages of Abkhazia. Especially for the program, a council of elders was assembled here. Sample number 1 - pork shish kebab. Sample No. 2 is a bucket of pork shish kebab. Sample №3 - pickled pork in a package. Sample №4 - ready-made kebab in bulk. Aksakals tried all the samples and made a decision. Barbecue, in their opinion, can only be called sample number 4.All other samples of the elders were rejected.


Advice from Abkhaz aksakals: meat for shish kebab should be dense, without veins, and the layers of fat are small.


In the three remaining samples, Rosselkhoznadzor experts found unsafe bacteria. These are shish kebab made in “The Seventh Continent”, shish kebab from pork ham “Culinary”, the producer of LLC “Prodstandart”, and “Everyday” meat, pickled at the Cherkizovsky Meat Processing Plant.


In addition to meat, onion and marinade, there are completely unexpected ingredients in the composition of the Cherkizovsky meat processing plant: a thickener, an amplifier, etc. At the plant they explained: a thickener is needed for the marinade to soak the meat better, and monosodium glutamate makes the taste of the kebab more vivid. But where did the dangerous bacteria come from? The representative of the plant suggested that the refrigerator went out of production. But after checking the temperature in the refrigerator was normal. Then the representative of the manufacturer expressed the opinion that after the purchase of the product the temperature was not respected.


Before buying a ready-made shish kebab, look at the expiration date.It is better to choose a product, until the end of its shelf life there are a few more days. Remember: the fresher the skewers, the less bacteria there are.

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