A gallows or a pond: a riddle about how a traveler can get into a closed city

Evening portion of puzzles drove up. Yes, and on Friday. Well, let's decide finally, how beautiful it is to leave on the weekend?


Imagine that there is a certain city where you want to go. However, local authorities took up lawmaking and introduced a new order, according to which they restricted entry to travelers. The guards regularly asked one who wished to enter, one question: “Why do you want to enter the city?”. If a person lied, they hung him on the gallows. If he spoke the truth, then he was drowned in a pond.

So years went by. No one could enter the city. However, once there was a brave man who managed to do it. Guess what he told the guards to let him in. And keep in mind, if you also want to get beyond the walls of the fortress, then your life depends on the correct answer. Check yourself and find the clue key below.


Photo source: pixabay.com

As it turned out, the cunning traveler answered the guards: "I want to be hanged." Thus, he put the whole city, including lawmakers, in an awkward position. It turns out, if a man told the truth, then he needs to be drowned. But from this it follows that he still formally lied, but because he needs to be hanged. But if he was hanged, it would mean that he was telling the truth. In the end, the guards were so confused that they decided to let a man into the city.

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