A gorgeous dress from books about strong women. Librarians go to great lengths to attract readers.

If the idea of ​​going to a party in a paper dress seems quite tempting to you, here you will find a wonderful sketch. It is possible to assume in advance a stunning success and many photos in social. networks!

This dress was made by a librarian to draw the attention of teenagers to reading in the summer months. The director of the library saw on the Internet a model of a dress made of paper and proposed to make such a thing his subordinate. The handmaid Tammi Troutt embarked on the work with enthusiasm. Approximately 1,000 book pages and 160 covers were used to make the dress. It all started with a picture:


Of the copies of the book that were left in the depository, which the library received as a gift, it was decided to create this work, which glorified the library.

At first, librarians were tormented by doubts when they had to cut out details from books. But Tammy convinced herself that new publications were published every day.


At first, the lining was made of simple white material, and petals cut from books were glued to it. In order not to spoil the covers of 160 books, Troutt printed them from the Internet. Of them was made a color train to the dress. This book covers from different years, from Emily Bronte’s novels to Michelle Obama’s biography, are all about strong women.

On the manufacture of dresses took more than 10 weeks. Interestingly, this dress can be put on a fairly slim girl!


Some tried to take out the masterpiece from the library, but Tammi assured that the dress would remain in its intended place: on a mannequin in the library, which received the name of one book heroine - Babs. Perhaps in the future the subject of books on the trail will change. The librarian is justly proud of the result of her efforts. Take a closer look at these photos. Perhaps this project will also inspire you.

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