A plate with a volumetric image

Stylize the antique: a decorative plate with a three-dimensional image. I really like antiques. There is a certain mysterious charm of time in them: once they decorated the interior of the manor, witnessed the fate of its inhabitants, and then came in our time, as if an invisible thread linking the past and the present. Antiques or family heirlooms are certainly special things that convey the mood of previous years, but also a beautiful antique-styled product will allow you to get a similar effect. "Ancient" decorative plate will not only be a wonderful decoration of the interior, but also an excellent gift for friends and close people. After all, its value lies also in the fact that it was made by hand. For work we will need oil paints (including titanium white), gouache, disposable plate, plasticine, cardboard, brushes, colorless glue ("Second", "Moment"), PVA glue, pencil, clear varnish, and picture (a fragment of the picture or your own idea), which will serve as a model for the future plot.I chose Martynov's lithograph with the image of the Tauride Palace.
 For work we will need
The picture on the plate will be three-dimensional, therefore the original image must be divided into several layers. Cut out the first layer of cardboard - everything except the sky. Glue to the bottom of the plate. The gaps between the circle of cardboard and the side walls of the plate should be carefully closed with clay (and so each layer). For the convenience of further work, it is better to fill in empty places with white gouache right away.
 Cut the first layer out of the cardboard
The next layers are those elements of the original paintings that are located on the first, second plans, etc. Similarly, we repeat them on a craft. The front part of the palace, bushes nearby, some trees, as well as everything below, are glued with the second layer.
 Subsequent layers
The rest of the elements are attached with the third layer, and only the figures people come to the fore (fourth layer).
 Other elements
The form is ready, it remains only to give it color.Start painting a picture from the background.
 We start painting a picture
For painting I used only gouache paint, since all the elements are very small, they are difficult to paint with oil or acrylic. Firstly, gouache dries quickly, and secondly, divorces, uneven strokes or inaccurate lines are easily eliminated.
 We paint the subsequent layers
Varnish coating compensates for the haze of the gouache paint, but for greater color saturation it is possible to paint some elements with oil. We paint the walls of the plates with a thin layer of titanium white - they are smooth and opaque, which creates the effect of ceramics. Then we apply the ornament with green oil paint.
 Lacquer coating compensates for haze
It remains to cover the plate with lacquer, make a loop at the back and hang it on the wall.
decorative plate with three-dimensional image
Decorative plate does not require any mater cial costsbecause it is made of waste material. However, the handicraft looks like an old hand-made ceramic product.

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