A trace of eight paper

On the eve of the wonderful holiday of the Eighth of March, representatives of the stronger sex are preparing for their beloved women: mothers, sisters, girlfriends unusual, pleasant gifts. And what could be better and more expensive than a gift created by yourself? Plain paperwork can be made from plain paper - a symbol of the approaching women's holiday. For work you will need: • sheets of thick paper, • stationery or mock-up knife, • scissors, • stapler • copy paper or tracing paper (you can also use a printer), • pencil. First you need to print or redraw the blank for the future eight. Using copy paper or tracing paper you need to transfer the drawing-template to sweaty two-sided colored paper. But if you have a printer at your disposal, it will be much easier to immediately use it and copy the figure 8. Stapler needs to attach two sheets, and then carefully cut out all the inner patterns.This is the most laborious and difficult part of the work. It will require all your patience and perseverance. Cutting patterns can be done with a clerical or mock-up knife. But if you still do not have the skills to work with these tools, it is better to use nail scissors, thanks to which you will be able to quickly and easily accomplish this time-consuming work. But it should be remembered to avoid damage to the working surface, it is better to put something under the paper, for example, a wooden chopping board. It remains to cut the outer contours. Now fasten the two parts together using the lower and upper locks. This will give the eight stability and volume. Crafts are ready. You can give this voluminous postcard to a loved one or use it as a festive decoration of your interior.
 Eight of paper
Eight of paper>/ div>
Laced eight of paper
The eight figure of paper
 Eight of paper
The eight lace paper
Openwork eight paper
 The eight figure of the boom Agi
 The eight lace of paper
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/15/354-azhurnaya-vosmerka-iz-bumagi.jpg" alt="The eight lace paper" title="The eight lace paper">
Laced eight of paper
 The eight figure and paper
 The eight lace of paper
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/15/358-azhurnaya-vosmerka-iz-bumagi.jpg" alt="The eight lace paper" title="The eight lace paper">

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