A very simple powerful amplifier on a chip

I would say that it's just a super simple amplifier that contains all four elements and an outstanding power of 40 watts per two channels! 4 details and 40 W x 2 output power Karl! This is a godsend for car enthusiasts, since the amplifier is powered from 12 volts, the full range is from 8 to 18 volts. It can be easily embedded in subwoofers or speaker systems. Everything is available today thanks to the use of modern element base. Namely, a microcircuit - TDA8560Q. By the way, you can buy it for a mere penny here -TDA8560Q This is a PHILIPS microcircuit. Previously, there was a TDA1557Q run, where you can also assemble a stereo amplifier with an output power of 22 watts. But it was later upgraded by updating the output stage and the TDA8560Q appeared with an output power of 40 W per channel. Also an analog is TDA8563Q.

Circuit of the car amplifier on a chip

A very simple powerful amplifier on a chip
On the circuit of a microcircuit, two input capacitors and one filtering one.The filter capacitor is specified with a minimum capacity of 2200 microfarads, but the best solution would be to take 4 such capacitors and parallelize it, so you will ensure a more stable operation of the amplifier at low frequencies. The chip must be installed on the radiator, the more the better.

Build a simple amplifier

Very simple powerful amplifier on a microchip
Very simple powerful amplifier on a chip
It is also possible to increase the number of components in the scheme that increase reliability during operation, but it is not essential.
Very simple powerful amplifier on a microcircuit
Five more details were added here, I will explain why. Two 10 K ohm resistors will remove the background if long wires go to the circuit. A 27 K ohm resistor and a 47 microfarad capacitor give a smooth start to the amplifier without clicks. A capacitor 220 pF will filter out high-frequency noise coming through the power wires. So I recommend to refine the circuit with these nodes, there will not be any extra. I also want to add that the amplifier develops full power only on 2 Ohm load. At 4 ohms there will be somewhere around 25 watts, which is also very good.So, our Soviet acoustics shake. Low-voltage, unipolar power provides additional advantages: use in automotive acoustics, home can be powered from an old computer power supply. The minimum number of components allows to build in an amplifier in replacement of the old, failed, on a chip of other brands.

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