All about smoking as an addiction

Getting rid of the "grayness" of life

The first cause of addiction is the stimulating effect of nicotine. In small doses, smoking represents an undoubted opportunity to feel a slight disturbing excitement. This is a good way to break the habitual flow of life and feel its “taste”. The more "gray" life a person lives, the greater the need he experiences his life to diversify. People who unconsciously try to do this with the help of nicotine, as a rule, are not limited to smoking, but experience the effects of other drugs that have a similar effect — alcohol, drugs, and drugs. This is especially pronounced when drinking alcohol - a smoker while intoxicated smokes more than usual.
She also has a parallel - a coffee-cigarette. Often smokers love strong coffee. In order to stop tobacco addiction caused by this reason, it is not enough just to stop smoking, you need to find an alternative way to improve your mood and diversify your life.

Filling pauses

The second reason is the filling of semantic pauses.Many people who have problems with communication, swell the ranks of smokers, starting to smoke in companies. This is especially true of adolescents who wish to be like everyone else and communicate with their peers “on an equal footing”. Psychologists call it a means of silent communication. A smoker in this situation is tempted to smoke as soon as communication is anticipated. In order to get rid of this desire, you need to learn how to communicate without a cigarette.

Desire to become an adult

The next reason lies next to the previous one - the desire to "be an adult." It also manifests itself in adolescence, as an opportunity to end the uncertainty of transitional age and the opportunity to “grow up”. No matter how prohibited advertising of tobacco products, in the minds of the public the image of a smoking person is strongly associated with an adult and independent person. The illusory approximation of the age when a person can do whatever he wants is often expressed in smoking, on a par with adults. If this is the case, it is worth shifting the emphasis to other aspects of growing up and independence (material independence, household, when a person earns himself and spends his money, serves himself).
Here, to the image of a smoker in society, should be attributed the reason for suggestibility.The ideal of a smoker in our culture is quite impressive.

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