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There are a great many different methods and tools designed to rejuvenate the skin of the face. Some use expensive cream, others decide on hardware procedures, injections and even plastic surgery. But there is a set of exercises that will significantly improve the condition of the skin and form an oval face. This method is called "Revitonika."

What it is?

What is Revitonika? This is a set of exercises and manipulations, which allows you to eliminate the main causes of aging and deterioration of the skin and thereby refresh the face and make it more attractive and young.

This complex is not just a set of exercises that allows you to work out all the muscles of the face. The technique was developed using knowledge of biohydraulics, biomechanics, theoretical mechanics, as well as craniosacral therapy. And such an integrated approach of the creator of the technique allowed not only to achieve the effect and improve the condition of the face, but also to eliminate the main causes of aging.

A bit of history

The “Revitonika” technique was developed back in 1994 in Lithuania by Natalia Borisovna Osminina. It took more than 10 years for all sorts of improvements and research, but they ultimately helped not only to make the method truly effective and scientifically sound, but also to ensure absolute safety.

You will look better

Today, "Revitonika" is popular in Italy, Sweden, the Baltics, Germany, Israel and other countries. In Russia, they learned about it relatively recently, namely in 2010. Today, the technique has no analogues.

The essence of the method

The method is based on the ideas of the tensegrity system. According to her, the musculoskeletal system is a balanced and coordinated biomechanical structure that affects all systems and tissues of the body, including the skin.

"Revitonika" allows you to eliminate the main causes of aging of the skin and the deterioration of its condition - it is puffiness, muscle spasm, and fascial traction. About each of these reasons it is worth telling more detail.

  1. Puffiness. Due to the stagnation of fluid in the tissues, lymphostasis develops - lymph stagnation. As a result, blood circulation, tissue blood supply, as well as the supply of necessary nutrients to them are disturbed.The skin becomes flabby and loses its tone, on the cheeks and chin, because of the slowing down of metabolic processes, fat begins to be deposited. "Revitonika" allows you to remove edema and improve blood circulation.
  2. Spasm of muscles. Due to the constant tension of the muscles are constantly in a state of spasm and, therefore, increase in size and literally stretch the skin. And the skin due to constant stretching lose their tone and become flabby. The technique will allow you to learn to completely relax.
  3. Fascial traction. Fascia is a muscle shell. All fascia are interconnected and form the soft skeleton of the human body. And if some fascia are tightened in some place (for example, in the abdominal cavity due to pain in the abdomen), then they pull others along, for example, the fascia of the neck, and behind them the lower part of the face. The “Revitonika” technique allows eliminating fascial thrust and minimizing their consequences.


There are the following types of "Revitoniki":

  1. Vacuum fitness. Special vacuum jars are required. In total, they come with three: one is small for working through small areas (lips, nose, eyes), one is average for areas of medium size and large for affecting large muscles or their groups.Vacuum fitness allows you to improve skin tone, improve blood supply to tissues, and also normalize the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  2. Sculptural fitness is directly exercises for the face, the implementation of which will allow you to work out the muscles, as well as relax them, thereby improving nutrition and, therefore, the condition of the skin.


“Revitonika” is an alternative to plastic surgery. And this effective method is almost completely harmless and safe, since there are only physiological effects. Exercises are simple, everyone can master them.


Although the technique is harmless and safe, there are still some contraindications:

  • some skin diseases in the acute stage;
  • purulent inflammation of the skin;
  • damage to the skin;
  • age up to 16 years;
  • bad feeling;
  • oncological diseases;
  • neuropathy;
  • severe brain or nervous system diseases;
  • diseases of the lymphatic vessels or nodes.


Refreshes the face

What will give lessons "Revitonikoy"?

  1. Your face will decrease in volume and become slim. The fat deposits will go away from the cheek area, the second chin will disappear.
  2. The system will help to form a correct and attractive face shape. You can make your cheekbones clearer and get rid of hanging cheeks.
  3. You will get rid of wrinkles, and not only from small ones located around the eyes, but also from large ones that are usually located in the nasolabial triangle.
  4. You can make your lips more voluminous and sexy.
  5. You will improve the shape of the neck and the condition of the skin in this area.
  6. Exercises will help improve posture and get rid of “withers” (fat on the back of the neck).
  7. The technique allows you to make a more expressive look. Eyebrows will rise, and the bags above the eyes and hanging eyelids will disappear.
  8. Your face color will noticeably improve.

How to do?

To start classes, you can buy a book or video course or sign up for classes. In addition, you will need to purchase vacuum jars. But the technique will be effective only if you give half an hour to class every day. This is not so much, but the result will be noticeable in a month.

Begin classes in order to notice changes soon and simply not recognize yourself in the mirror.

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