And you decide to wear the famous “naked dress”?

It is difficult to find women's clothing more feminine and elegant than a fashionable naked dress. The first woman who dared to appear in public in such a dress was an actress with impeccable taste Marlene Dietrich.

Provocative dress created the illusion of a naked body with a scattering of a huge number of glittering sparkles on it. After some time, the unsurpassed Marilyn Monroe spoke at Kennedy's birthday party in a dress made from the finest flesh-colored fabric covered with diamond sequins, and caused a furore that went down in history.

Long, mini, with bare shoulders and sleeves, close-fitting or with an open neckline, a bare dress has always been popular and eye-catching. This is a universal and win-win option for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who have a proportional figure and outstanding body shapes. But there are certain nuances that should be considered before going out in a similar toilet.

Properly selected underwear

If you decide to wear a naked dress, then before wearing it pay special attention to the choice of linen.

  1. Discard the texture of panties and bras. Lace, bows and frills will stand out and spoil the overall picture. Therefore, buy special flesh-colored seamless underwear.
  2. If you decide to opt for an evening dress with a deep neckline, then pick up the appropriate bust so that the bra does not look out in any way, otherwise it will be considered that you are tasteless.
  3. Lingerie should sit perfectly, be fit, without bulging gum, not translucent, do not crawl and do not move out.
  4. If you want to remove the figure flaws, give preference to corrective underwear. Waist panties, corsets and bras perfectly hide all defects and emphasize the benefits.

What to choose tights?

  1. Owners of the turned figures under a short dress can put on options with the low waist, the holding elastic in a belt, without shorts and seams.
  2. Waist with high waist models - a great choice for women with forms. Corrective tights will hide the problem areas on the abdomen, legs, thighs and buttocks.
  3. Stockings without seams and lace will suit those girls who can boast of long or thin legs.

Maxi outfits

In the photo you can see who is perfect for clothes of this length. A long outfit will look great on slender and tall women. The optimal tandem will be his high-heeled shoes, stilettos and light sandals at low speed if the girl prefers clothes of free silhouette.

Massive jewelry, long chains and beads harmoniously complement the image. And in the cold season, you can put on a fur jacket or bolero. If you opt for a dress with a deep neckline on the back, the accessories should be more discreet. A bare dress can be worn with ornaments that will complement the ensemble, highlighting the boundaries of the toilet.

Mini option

If you are short and have a tiny figure, then a naked short dress is perfect. It can be combined, with anything, in the summer, with heels and a jacket, and in winter, with boots or ankle boots with high heels, fur coat or waistcoat. Miniature and massive jewelry will suit this kind of dressing, the main thing is not to overload the image with accessories.

Summer option

A dress made of fine silk or knitwear is an excellent option for a party with friends or a hike to a secular dinner. Wedge-heeled sandals or platform plus a stylish clutch will complete the look. Outfit will look great on women of medium height.

Dress with long sleeves fit girls with thin hands, as well as hide unnecessary folds in the full representatives of the fair sex.

Open back

Naked dress with a deep neckline - an incredibly feminine and sexy outfit. But the choice of such an image requires compliance with certain rules.

  1. The skin of the back should be perfectly smooth, healthy and even, without pimples and acne.
  2. The image is ideal for slender girls, otherwise the unflattering folds on the open back will have the opposite effect.
  3. A woman should not stoop and have a crooked spine.
  4. With this outfit you need to put on high-heeled shoes.
  5. The dress is appropriate only at dinner parties, secular parties and receptions, and is not suitable for everyday situations or work.

If you want to shine on some holiday and overshadow all guests, give preference to the trend of the season - a naked dress and go unnoticed you are not threatened.

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