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Many believe that it is permissible for men to be not very fashionable and look slightly casual. But, as statistics show, women prefer the stylish representatives of the stronger sex. And to be just like that, you should choose a fashionable hairstyle. One of the most modern is "undercard". But it is not suitable for everyone. And still need to learn how to lay it.

What is this haircut?

Hairstyle "undercard" stylish, modern and current. The name literally translates as "cut off the bottom", and the lower part of the hair is really cut off. As a result, the occipital and temporal regions become as short as possible (but they are not shaved bald), and at the crown the hair remains long (about 6-8 centimeters, depending on the wishes of the man).

The peculiarity of this haircut is that the transition between short and long curls is very sharp, which is clearly seen in the photo.

Haircut appeared a long time ago: in the 60s of the last century in Britain, and then she was chosen by the real "dandies".Then it was almost forgotten, but a few years ago it became even more popular, like all the well-forgotten old. And today such hairdress is chosen and with pleasure are worn by well-known sportsmen, actors, singers, and also ordinary people.

It is worth noting that the “undercard” is a men's haircut. But still, some brave girls choose this hairstyle. Female modification may differ in longer curls at the crown.

How to do?

The technology of creating hair is quite simple.

Main stages:

  1. First, the master determines the boundaries of short and long hair, as well as their length.
  2. Then, with the help of clamps, he separates the locks on the crown, so as not to accidentally touch or cut them off.
  3. Then the hairdresser shortens the hair in the temporal and occipital parts as much as possible. It is most convenient to do this with a shaving machine. Depending on the desired length, you can choose the nozzle number 2 or number 3. But some prefer to work with scissors.
  4. Then you can go to the curls at the crown. Their master will cut with scissors.

Who is this hairstyle?

Who is the “undercore” for? First of all, stylish, young and bright men.There are no specific requirements for the style of clothing, it can be almost anything. Styling hair can be different, so that the hair can be as restrained and elegant, as naughty or creative. But there are some limitations regarding hair. They should be straight, soft and fairly docile.

Who to choose this option is not worth it?

  • Firstly, the owners of disobedient, curly and excessively hard hair, they will be impossible to lay.
  • Secondly, the "undercard" is not suitable for older men, with such a haircut, they may look ridiculous, so you should prefer something more solid and restrained.
  • Thirdly, the hairstyle may not be suitable for full men.
  • And, fourthly, the "undercard" should not be chosen by representatives of the stronger sex with an excessively elongated and lean face, since it will look even longer.

How to choose the appropriate option?

Haircut "undercard" may look different, it all depends on the length of hair. And to choose the appropriate option, pay attention to several important points:

  • Hair density. If they are dense, do not make them too short at the top, otherwise they will stand as a "hedgehog", but this is not for everyone.
  • If you have a long and thin face, you should make the top of the head as short as possible, otherwise the form will stretch even stronger. But the owners of a round face, on the contrary, should lengthen the hair at the crown.
  • No time to stow? Then it is better to make the curls on the vertex short, as to give the desired shape and neat appearance of the long is much more difficult.
  • Want something unusual or creative? On one of the temples (or both) you can shave the pattern, creating the so-called "hair tattoo". It will definitely refresh the image and make it youthful and bright.
  • If you have an irregular skull shape, then make longer hair at the temples and the back of the head. Such a reception will also make the face wider.
  • Do you want to make the image more restrained and soft? Then ask the hairdresser to create a smoother transition between short and long hair. This slightly smoothes the oval of the face and softens its features.

How to pack?

To hairstyle looked stylish, you need to put it right. Several interesting ways:

  1. This laying is considered universal and the most simple. The hair on the top just combed back and fixed with varnish.The image is stylish, but at the same time discreet.
  2. Lightly comb long hair, lifting it at the roots, and then remove it to one side and back a little. If necessary, fix the hair with lacquer.
  3. Brave natures fit careless "hedgehog." Lightly comb the hair in the crown region and set it down. Fix the result with fixing means.
  4. To create a strict image, you can comb long hair on one side. But it is not necessary to “lick them up” much, leave a small amount, otherwise the image will remind Hitler.
  5. Create volume by combing the hair in the area of ​​the crown, and then move it back a little.
  6. The next option is sloppy, but very stylish. And to do this styling is very simple. After shampooing, tousle your hair and just let it dry. And in order to preserve the shape, it is possible to process wet curls with foam, this will ensure stable fixation.
  7. Liberally treat the hair with gel and remove it either back or sideways, or position it approximately diagonally on the head. Such an image is suitable for a party.
  8. If the hair on the crown is very long, then you can collect it in the tail, and it is desirable to place it above the back of the head.And if the length allows, then make a fashionable bunch.


Some useful recommendations:

  • Remember that the underskirt hairstyle needs correction, as growing hair can look careless and sloppy.
  • Choose a hairstyle and styling should be, given the style of their clothes.
  • The styling must match the occasion for which it is created. So, a discreet option is suitable for going to work, for meeting with friends - stylish or slightly sloppy, and for a party - bright and creative.
  • If you do not know how best to style your hair, seek advice from a hairdresser. You can also ask him to demonstrate the entire installation process in order to understand how and what to do.

Now you know everything about the undercut haircut and you can see if it will suit you or not. You will also learn how to put it right.

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