Are you allowed to overtake?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
March 13, 2013
Are you allowed to overtake?

Overtaking is when one vehicle is ahead of another. That is, the vehicle can go to the oncoming lane.

If you are driving on your lane with a speed exceeding the speed of the cars of the adjacent rows, this is not considered overtaking.

To understand whether overtaking is allowed to you, the following rules will help.

  • Where there is a sign "Overtaking is prohibited" you can not overtake any vehicles.
  • If the overtaking is prohibited sign is set in the locality, then its action ends at the nearest intersection. And if this is not, then with the end of the settlement. A crossroads in this case is not considered to be an intersection with roads, before which there is no sign of crossing or adjoining the road.
  • The sign does not work after the termination of the zone of validity, if it was indicated when the sign was installed. Restrictions are also terminated after the signs “End of all restrictions” and “End of overtaking prohibition zone”
  • If the “Overtaking is prohibited” sign is on the road section, then they are guided by the sign.And if the intermittent markup, then it is needed to turn left or turn.
  • Overtaking is performed on the left side. On the right, it is possible only when driving around a car making a left turn.

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