Assistant Kobzon told about his hospitalization

"They pull him up."

Today, a message has spread across the network, in which a user of social networks assures that he has seen a singer loved by many generations urgently taken to hospital. Recall, Joseph Davydovich, who celebrated his 80th birthday last September, giving a five-hour concert in the Kremlin, has been struggling with oncology for many years. But looking at him, always smiling from the screens, it is impossible to believe that it is not he who wins, but the disease. Is this a serious deterioration now?

We found out the details of the closest associates of the People’s Artist of the USSR: yes, he was actually taken to the hospital, but this is planned hospitalization.

We wish Joseph Davydovich good health and a speedy return to the stage!
Photo: Sergey Djevahashvili

- Yes, Iosif Davydovich is in hospital in the last days, - confirmed Wday.ruhis assistant Elena Galaktionova. - His "pull up". Well, what did you want, he is an adult, the 81st year is coming.He is not quite well. Therefore, plans to mid-August - vitamins and other support.

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