Bald Matthew McConaughey in the film "Gold"

All the last year in the tabloids now and then came the pictures from the set of the movie "Gold", on which Matthew McConaughey was simply not recognizable. For the role of the gold prospector, the actor gained extra pounds and got a bald spot that glistened so brightly in the sun that it seemed to be visible from outer space. And finally, we can see why the poor man suffered so much: the first trailer of the film appeared on the Net, which is sure to please all those who are revising the Wolf from Wall Street. On the screen, the story of the loser Kenny Wells, who managed to turn his whole life around - he goes in search of gold in the Indonesian jungle, finds a real gold mine and becomes richer than Pablo Escobar! Special attention is given to the frame in the jacuzzi; however, we will not spoil - see for yourself. The premiere of the film - March 2.

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