Basic rules of fashionable beating

Small defects on the skin of the face - a problem common and, perhaps, familiar to each of the fair sex. But some flaws can be cleverly disguised, if you use the technique of baking to create makeup.

What it is?

Baking is a modern make-up technique. And what is it? In translation from English, naming literally means "roasting". That is, it is supposed to mask all the existing shortcomings with the help of certain means and their application in a special way.

In general, makeup artists took the baking techniques from professional make-up artists. Complex makeup involves literally creating a new face, so at first the technique was used by professional actors. But then other celebrities began to master it.

For example, such a makeup is regularly used by Dita Von Teese. And the beautiful Kim Kardashian not only mastered the skill of baking, but also gladly shares her knowledge with the fans by posting step-by-step photo instructions on social networks.

Even if you are far from a celebrity, then, having learned the basic rules and secrets of technology, you will be able to master it and eliminate any defects disturbing you.

Who is suitable?

Baking is suitable for all girls and women striving for perfection. It will be appropriate for such defects as small rashes on the face, dark circles under the eyes, enlarged pores, pigment spots, redness.

But owners of sensitive skin or dry, prone to rashes, it is necessary to exercise caution, because the means used to create makeup can cause allergic reactions or irritations, as well as overdrying.

It should be noted that the use of baking is not often, because it is practically complex multi-layered makeup, which forms a kind of mask and does not allow the skin to breathe normally.

Such a large amount of products is used, even though the face becomes perfectly smooth and fresh, but if you do this make-up all the time, the skin condition will quickly deteriorate. It is better to use the technique in special cases, for example, before important events, as an evening or festive makeup.

What is required?

What tools are used in the technique of baking? Here is their main set:

  • Foundation or light tonal serum. Such tools are intended to create the basis of makeup, and they must have a soft, not too dense texture to hide defects, but not to form a film on the face. And it is extremely important to choose a tone that matches the complexion in order not to create a mask effect, it looks extremely unnatural and ugly.
  • A concealer is a very useful and popular concealer that quickly and effectively removes any defects, including obvious ones. It is best to choose a concealer in the form of a stick, it is easy to dose and apply. As for the color, it is selected depending on the tone of your skin, as well as the existing shortcomings. But as a rule, light concealers are used.
  • Powder, and certainly crumbly. This form allows you to make the coating as smooth and as if matte, thereby preventing the oily shine of the skin.
  • Highlighter is rather an auxiliary tool, which is designed to give the skin a light glow, as well as lighten certain areas of it, thereby making defects imperceptible.It is advisable to choose a loose shape, it will provide the effect of haze.
  • Bronzer. If you use it, you can darken those or other zones and make some parts less voluminous. Most often, this tool is applied to the area of ​​the cheekbones to give a person a clear contour.

How to make a make-up in the technique of baking?

So, the make-up of the baking technique is created in several stages:

  1. Sometimes the most important thing in make-up is preparation. And baking is just the case. The face should be moisturized and fresh, so that all means lay perfectly, and the surface of the skin was smooth. Apply to the whole face moisturizer or gel, but always light, not greasy. Pay attention to the area under the eyes, then it will be processed in a special way. Let your skin soak in for a couple of minutes, then blot it with a paper towel or tissue.
  2. Now use the concealer. Apply such a tool under the eyes with a dense layer, and then blend it with a slightly moistened sponge. Concealer can also treat other problem areas, such as the nose, middle of the forehead, chin, cheekbones and cheeks. When the compound is absorbed, blot the excess with a cloth and then lightly blend the layer with your fingertips to erase the contours formed during application.
  3. The next step is to apply the tonal framework. Moreover, it is desirable to use a light and rather liquid. Cover the entire face with a thin even layer of the selected remedy.
  4. This is followed by dusting, that is, directly “roasting”. Use loose powder and with a soft fluffy brush, apply it to the areas of your face with the concealer. And you should not feel sorry for this tool, because it should literally penetrate into the liquid foundation, that is, “bake” it.
  5. If you use a bronzer, then apply it on those parts of the face, the volume of which you would like to visually reduce.
  6. The final stage is the application of a highlighter. Pay attention to areas such as the cheekbones, the middle of the forehead, the area above the upper lip, the chin, and the bridge of the nose.
  7. Fashion makeup is ready! The face should look perfect.


Some tips:

  • If the skin is dry, then apply loose powder is best slightly moisturized means.
  • Pay special attention to the selection of tones of all means! Strive for complete match with the complexion to achieve the effect of maximum naturalness.
  • Do makeup several times, processing concealer different areas.This will allow you to choose the best option and hide all defects.

Having mastered this technique, you will be able to skillfully hide skin defects and always look flawless!

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