Bathroom repair with installation of the heated towel rail

Renovating a bathroom almost always involves installing a new heated towel rail. This is a very convenient design, allowing not only to dry towels and other items, but also to heat the room and protect it from excessive dampness. Depending on the heat source, towel warmers can be water, electric and combined. All options have both pros and cons. Consider them in more detail.

Water heated towel rails


This is the most common type in most apartment buildings. It is directly integrated into the hot water system of your home and does not require any additional costs. They provide a stable heating of the room, but you will not be able to regulate the temperature or temporarily turn them off. In addition, if you turn off the hot water, which is not uncommon in our homes, such a heated towel rail becomes useless. The bathroom will be very cold, and even after the water supply is restored, it warms up very slowly.


At all disadvantages this is a very reliable design.Stainless steel heated towel rails can work almost forever, they do not require any additional maintenance or repair. The devices of brass or copper are less durable, but they have high heat emission and aesthetic appearance.

Electric heated towel rails


Towel dryers, powered by electricity, are quite a profitable option for a large family, where you need to regularly dry large volumes of laundry. It can be turned on and off at will, adjust the heating and limit the temperature. It does not depend on the urban water supply system and is not afraid of annual planned outages. It does not need to be connected to pipes, it is enough to install it in the bathroom and plug it into an outlet.


However, with all the advantages of this design requires additional energy costs. It is necessary to monitor the good condition of the wiring and the condition of the insulation of the wires, since a humid environment and electricity are still quite a dangerous combination.

Combined towel warmers


The combined version combines the positive qualities of both types.It connects to the hot water system and normally works from it, and if the water is turned off, you can safely transfer it to electricity, as the heater inside the heater will heat the device to the desired temperature. The design is safe, the cost of electricity is minimal, the only drawback is the relatively high price when buying.


Appearance of heated towel rails can be quite diverse. Staircases, U-, S-, M-shaped options from chrome steel, non-ferrous metal or alloys will occupy a worthy place in the most luxurious bathroom, delighting you with warmth and stable work.

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