Batman's Key Holder

This crafts is very easy to manufacture. It will appeal to all fans of the Dark Knight.
 Batman's Key Holder
For the manufacture of a key holder, we need:
  • Thin plywood of 3-6 mm.
  • Shkant furniture (Their number depends on how many hooks you want on the key keeper). But if you did not find them, you can use any small towel hooks.
  • Double-sided adhesive tape (Thick).
  • Jigsaw.
  • >
  • Round file - a small file for fine work.
  • Glue for wood.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Any black paint.
STEP 1: On the INTERNET, we find the image of the Batman logo and print it. The size of the image you choose is what you think is necessary. In my case, the size was about 30 cm in length and 12 cm in width.
Batman's logo
STEP 2: Transfer the image to plywood with glue or carbon paper and cut it out with a jigsaw.
Transfer the image to plywood
STEP 3: Using a file and emery paper, we carefully work the edges and plane of the workpiece.
>img src="" alt="neatly processing edges" title="neatly processing edges">
Step 4 : Next, mark up the place for the hooks. I decided that there would be 4 hooks on my key box.Tip: Do not place the hooks too close to the edges and to each other, because the plywood is fragile enough. After you have designated the places for the hooks with the help of a drill with a diameter a little larger or coinciding with the diameter of the boom we drill holes.
 Batman's Key House
STEP 5: Now we’ll start to create hooks. For me, shkant seemed too long, so I cut it into two equal parts. We retreat from the edge of the dowel 4-5mm and, using a round file, make a small groove so that the key ring does not slip out from there. The hook is ready. You can process it with sandpaper. STEP 6: After you have made the necessary number of hooks, they must be pasted into the drilled holes.Make sure that the edges of the hooks do not protrude from the back side.  Batman's Batman
Step 7: After the glue has completely dried, proceed to painting the housekeeper. For this, I used black acrylic spray enamel. This paint is better to cover products in several layers. But if there is no such paint, then you can use ordinary gouache or watercolor of black color, but then, after the paint dries, it will have to be covered with a colorless varnish for furniture, so that when you hit the housekeeper, the paint does not get off. Also, if you like the color of a tree, you can do without painting or simply cover the workpiece with any varnish on the wood.
 Batman's Batman
STEP 8: When the paint dries, you can think of fixing the housekeeper on the wall . This can be done in several ways. For example, using screws to attach the product to the wall. But, since plywood is a fragile enough material, I decided not to risk and damage the craft. In this regard, I chose to attach a thick double-sided tape. Since the key keeper together with the keys weighs less than 300 grams in total, there will not be a large load on the key keeper and the tape will not detach from the wall.Therefore, we cut several pieces of double-sided scotch and glue them on the back of the key so that they do not extend beyond the edges of the key. THE KEY is READY! Now it can be placed in the hallway or given to someone.
 Batman's Key Holder
 Batman's Batman
In fact, this may not necessarily be a Batman. You can take any image you like: cat, house, car, and so on. The main thing is to understand how to make this craft. Such a housekeeper is not only a great gift for your family and friends, but also a very convenient thing in everyday life.
 Batman's Key Case

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