Nicely undressed! 55 sexy photos of Siberians

Spring came, which means time to undress and show off your seductive figure. Girls from Novosibirsk showed Woman’s Day photos from beautiful photo shoots and talked about the compliments they most often receive from men.

Irina Music, 24 years old, economist

Irina Music
Photo: Irina Muzyka Personal Archive

Often take pictures in these images?

Occasionally. I believe that for a girl like photo session is important for self-esteem and the disclosure of their sexuality.

Your main virtue

In any situation, I remain primarily a person.

What compliments do you hear most often?

I often hear compliments about my eyes and what is now fashionable to call the "center of the universe." Beautiful, sweet, funny and other similar standard compliments from the opposite sex I hear very often.

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March 20, 2017Evgenia Zamoshnikova
a guest20.03.17 16:17

Something like that is not very good, no one for whom to vote, well, maybe Kovalev may be even less so, retake them ... and the rest ...

a guest20.03.17 19:41

All growth is small. Persons on the fan (to put it mildly).

More Pushkin said .... High, slim, white.

And this .............. What is it at all? !!!

a guest21.03.17 06:16

where did you see or read that growth is small? girls are beautiful and all different! cute and sexy! and your comment is nothing at all about (to put it mildly), more like not criticism, but envy))

a guest21.03.17 06:21

eye rejoices when you look at beautiful girls! lovely!

a guest21.03.17 06:27

Irina Music, just fire)))

a guest21.03.17 09:42

Somehow all by. A tattoo does not give sexuality, but vice versa. .Pure my opinion.

a guest21.03.17 09:54

colored hair, tattoos and these sausages instead of hair are not sexy.

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