"Being" - what part of the speech?

Alexandra Bychkova
Alexandra Bychkova
December 21, 2012
"Being" - what part of the speech?

Gerbs, like participles, are words derived from verbs. In modern Russian, they have become independent parts of speech, but they are still causing fierce debates among Russian scientists. There is still some clarity in the school curriculum. Let's consider the derivative form of the old Russian verb “to be” - “being” and see: “being” - what part of speech?

We all know that the participles are perfect and imperfect species, and depending on this they are formed either with the help of the suffixes -v (-by) or -a (-s): saying, reluctantly. In the distant past, imperfect subparticles were also formed with the help of suffixes –children (юucci): dying, judgingly, playfully. Such forms belonged to the national-spoken language, and in modern Russian are used mainly in the language of Russian folklore. In literary Russian, the form “being” (from the verb “to be”) and “sneaking” (from the verb to “sneaking”) remained.Thus, "being" is a participle.

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