Bliss of body and soul

Living in a frenzied rhythm, the inhabitants of megalopolises often refuse comfort in favor of functionality, forgetting that pleasant little things can make a person happier. To fill the living space with objects that give bliss will help the company come from the Apennine peninsula.

The Italian manufacturer Frette has been considered the benchmark of refinement for a century and a half. The company, founded back in 1860 in the small town of Grenoble by Charles Shabo, won the hearts of customers from the first day of its work. Despite the steep turns of historical events, the world-famous manufacturer of textile products is still at the top of popularity, filling luxury lovers with luxury linens at home. All product lines of the company are thought out to the smallest detail. Dozens of talented artists are working on combining modern design solutions with classical beauty traditions in every subject. All kinds of luxury textures are used, which are expressed in silk, cashmere, wool and jacquard.Despite the fact that the brand has earned a world name, offering luxury bedding, this brand produces a wide range of high-quality fashionable clothes, so adored by the fair sex.

Residents of St. Petersburg can improve their life by visiting the representative office of the Italian trademark Frette, located at Suvorovsky Avenue, 61. This includes not only bedding sets made from premium materials, but also duvets, cashmere bedspreads, decorative pillows, tablecloths, accessories for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and much more. The true breadth of choice and the aristocratic grandeur of the goods can only be appreciated by personally visiting the boutique. It is worth all the time to see the beauty of iridescent silk, feel the softness of cashmere and feel the warmth of natural wool, and you will forever remain a fan of the best in its quality product from the world famous brand. Frette not only maintains the tradition of quality, but also keeps pace with the times. Collections are constantly updated, new trends are taken into account, unique forms and styles are developed.The company is a recognized trendsetter in the field of bed linen and accessories, and home-made clothing produced under the Italian label has always been considered the standard of style. Frette boutique is the place where any mod, regardless of the height of requests, will be able to fully satisfy its needs. Each item offered to the client is perfect, similar to a work of art, can transform a bedroom, making from a simple room a luxurious apartment, where not only the body but also the soul rests.

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