Body language and posture, how to stand when communicating

 Body language and posture, how to stand the photo correctlyUseful tips for beauty. How to stand when communicating with a partner.

Body language and posture



Tastefully selected clothing enhances your image, but your gestures and behavior can damage it. During a conversation, it is important not only what you say, but how you speak.


Body language goes without words, but it says a lot about you. Pay due attention to your body language, and others will understand that not only the essence, but also the details are important to you.


Most of the elements of human behavior is symbolic. Here are some helpful tips.


It is often believed that smoking is an expression of sexual prowess. But, as Freud noted a hundred years ago, "sometimes smoking a cigarette is nothing more than smoking."


The desire to avoid eye contact with the interlocutor testifies to the insincerity and cowardice of the person. However, in some cultures, this may be a manifestation of politeness and education.If a person pulls his chin thoughtfully, this, according to some, indicates a serious attitude to the problem. However, sometimes this indicates only that the person has a chin.


Given that body language allows for an infinite number of interpretations, is it any wonder that people attach so much importance to this! Your task is to memorize gestures and movements that can put you in a difficult position, and learn to avoid them.


How to stand



Expression of the face is a very important part of the body language. No other part of the human body provides such a variety of non-verbal communication as a person.


Of course, you already know that a smile speaks of good nature and the absence of aggressive intentions. But this does not apply to a forced smile, which says more clearly than any words that you can hardly transfer your interlocutor. A smile that does not leave the face indicates either excessive obligingness, or simply a lack of intelligence.


Frowning eyebrows - a sign of disagreement, disapproval, sometimes - irritation, as well as deep thought and maximum concentration.


Smiling at the moment when you make a note to your subordinate, and frowning at making a deal with a partner, you make a mistake.


We mentioned only the most obvious expressions of the face, but there are hundreds of others: surprised eyebrows raised, pursed lips, inflated nostrils, a sideways or sly glance, a wrinkled nose, biting lips, sticking out the tip of the tongue, etc. Each of these facial expressions has a definite meaning and different in different cultures).


Think about what kind of facial expressions are peculiar to you, and evaluate their relevance in certain situations.

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