British TV shows you might have missed


Who, if not the British, can shoot the best comedies, where the main role is a nasty loser with a bunch of problems? In the case of Flibeg, we are faced with a loser, a mother of the bride and a little nympho with excellent self-irony. The latter helps her not to get depressed, in which she periodically pushes herself. "Flibeg" came up with the scriptwriter and actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge, she also played the main role of the cynical and ironic resident of London, always getting into trouble.

"Mr. Sloane"

Accountant Jeremy Sloan is deeply unhappy because of his wife’s departure. After the failed suicide, Sloan slowly but surely comes to his senses, falling in love with the audience by touching and good-natured acts. Soon Sloan himself falls in love with a beautiful American woman. To the surprise of all, she reciprocates to Fat Sloan. In the role of a wonderful accountant - Nick Frost, whom we know from his roles in the films “Zombie by the name of Sean”, “Rock Wave”, “Dance from here!”.

"My Mad Diary"

The girl Ray is full of psychological problems, and even a few dozen kilograms of excess weight. She will keep a diary, meet with a psychologist and talk about what she has to worry about. "My crazy diary" is useful to anyone who has ever felt not like everyone else, alone, strange. Ray, to her credit, copes with many problems, not only, like many teenagers, becoming even more sullen and separated from the world, but also using an excellent sense of humor.

“Word on letter A”

Members of an ordinary British family living in a small town go about their business until they find out that the smallest of them, six-year-old Joe, has autism. Joe has since become the main concern for the Hughes family. The boy loves music and often goes for a walk, wearing headphones. We owe these walks great soundtracks, from Mozart to the best representatives of British rock.

Howards End

British mini-series, depicting a portrait of several families in the post-Victorian era. The literary basis of the show is the eponymous novel by Edward Morgan Forster.The wealthy Mrs. Wilcox, who is dying, bequeaths the Howard-End family estate to the young girl Margaret. However, the rest of the Wilcoxes do not intend to part with their estate and want to destroy the will. Hats, family dramas and intrigues in a British estate of the early 20th century ... "Howards End" could well replace "Downton Abbey."

"On duty"

Atmospheric series about the work of employees of the department, which deals with anti-corruption activities in the British police. Internal investigations are no less important, because if a police officer is suspected of something, then he is vulnerable and may become the object of blackmail. For those who love dark scenes and fifty shades of gray in the frame, this series can enter the top favorite.


The series, capable of covering the gaping emptiness at the site of the Mad Men staring at the holes. In front of the audience, a fictional 60's news program and employees who make it. What a production drama without love relationships! Besides the fact that TV reporters are burning at work, they manage to flirt with each other and die from love.


Another detective series about the investigation of a crime committed several years ago. Builders during work find the body of a young man who died a violent death. Companions detectives take up the case and unwind a giant tangle of memories, terrible secrets and human suffering.

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