Can I make tattoos?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 21, 2013
Can I make tattoos?

In order to answer questions related to tattoos, everyone must decide for themselves whether he really needs it. You will not find a definite answer anywhere. But one way or another, the responsibility for the consequences always falls on the person who made a certain decision. So is it possible to make tattoos?

Historical reference

If you look at this question from a historical point of view, you can see that the tattoo has deep historical roots. They stretch from primitive times, when with the help of tattoos indicated belonging to a particular genus or tribe. And in ancient Egypt, Copts, in order to avoid the temptation of Christ’s denial, during the times of Christian persecution by Christians, tattooed with a cross on the wrist or even on the forehead.

As you can see, the first and second use of the tattoo had a deep meaning, and it was made with a specific purpose. Those who want to make a tattoo you need to knowthat in many cultures tattoos were applied to the body of slaves to identify them. And in Russia, tattoo was of great importance in prisons. So, by and large, the tattoo - a symbol of the lack of freedom and belonging to a certain community, grouping.

Tattoos for pregnant women

Arguing about the tattoo, you need to figure out whether you can do tattoos for pregnant women. It’s more specific here: pregnant women are not recommended to do tattoos, as the fetus is exposed to too many dangers. Here and lowering the threshold of pain sensitivity, and the risk of infection with various viral and other infections, and the possibility of adverse effects on the fetus chemical compounds that enter through the skin into the bloodstream during tattooing. Therefore, first give birth, and then, if you really want, do a tattoo.

Tattoos for religious

Can Muslims make tattoos? The answer of the clergy of Islam is categorical, they argue, referring to the Kurfubi and Ruhul Bayan tafsirs, that Muslims are forbidden to do any tattoos on any parts of the body. And what's more, they urge that they be urgently withdrawn if they are made out of ignorance.

In response to the question of whether Christians are allowed to make tattoos for Orthodox Christians, clergymen also refer to the holy scripture (Lev.19: 28), which clearly refers to the ban on tattoos and repeats the ban twice (Lev.21: 5); (W.14: 1). Then they say that a person, deciding to make a tattoo, voluntarily or unwittingly, and even if he does not realize this, believes that God made a mistake and made the human body not very beautiful. But it is naive to believe that man is able to improve the creation of the Most High.

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