Carly Kloss was inspired by the wedding image of Megan Markle

Carly Kloss and Joshua Kushner are preparing for the wedding, and Carly recently confessed that she was most inspired by the triumph of Megan Markl and Prince Harry.

“She looked great on that day!” - Carly admired the Duchess of Sussex. - I think this is an important event during which you just want to feel happy, beautiful and calm. I think that most of all the bride and groom were decorated with their shining faces. ”

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Publication from Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss)Sep 6, 2018 at 10:06 am PDT

Carly herself, according to the source, wants a simple and romantic celebration - without excessive pomp. She took a liking to both Megan's unassuming make-up, and her simple wedding dressing (Prince Harry even thanked the make-up artist for "being able to find out his wife" separately). “In ordinary life, I like experimenting with makeup and putting bright accents on my lips or eyes.However, on the day of marriage, I want to bet on naturalness. I also like the collected hair - this hairstyle looks very nice and does not interfere during dances, "the supermodel thinks. Well, if you consider that the holiday will be held at the farm of Jared's parents in New Jersey - at least, so say friends of the pair - then nothing better than an image in the style of bokho-chic Carly really can not think of!

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