Casual - convenient, practical and stylish (11 photos)

Convenience, elegance and practicality - these are the three main whales that hold a huge branch of modern fashion, casual style. And what is interesting is that there is no need to say anything more, because these three epithets completely characterize all that you need to know in order to dress in casual style.

Translated into Russian, it means “everyday” or even “casual, careless”, but does this indicate that any clothes that we wear in everyday life can be characterized by the Casual style? Let's try to figure this out?

Fashionable girl

If you go outside and stop your attention on any neighborly “aunt Masha” or “Valentina Petrovna” from a nearby store, you are unlikely to think to christen her casual style. And the passing girl in a dress and on high heels for some reason badly combines with it, what's wrong?

After all, casual clothing, and the individual details of each of the wardrobes, quite possibly, really correspond to this style. That's about here and there is that thin line that distinguishes an ordinary everyday sweater with jeans from the popular and stylish Casual.

An important factor that distinguishes casual from all other styles is impeccable elegance against the backdrop of democracy, comfort and relaxedness. The most difficult thing is to balance against the background of this very creative casual elegance, but not to spread to a complete mix of styles and images.

So what is the style of casual clothing? There is a lot of controversy over where this trendy trend appeared, but most experts agree on one general opinion: casual style originates from the style of football fans, the movement of which was quite common in the late 1970s in the UK.

Unusually and beautifully

It was at that time that football was at the peak of its popularity, the majority of young people were fond of it, attended football matches, rooted for their favorite teams, learned the chants and sang hymns. Being a football fan was extremely fashionable and prestigious, the fans formed entire groups and coalitions, eventually transforming into a whole subculture of fans who outlined their own style of dress.

A distinctive feature of such a movement of fans was clothing of certain brands, for example, Lonsdale, Lacoste, Fred Perry and many others, and attributes of football clubs were absent.

Such movements of the fans began to call themselves “Casuals”, the typical form of which consisted of quite ordinary things: light blue jeans, a polo shirt or a regular bright T-shirt, tennis shirts or sweatshirts, sports shoes, and sneakers. Over time, similar fashion trends were adopted by fans of other countries, the style became the same for all such trends.

A bit extravagantly

In the modern world, the trends of the casual style have changed somewhat, for example, it is now difficult to identify any specific brands that must necessarily be associated with this style. Rather, on the contrary, some brands present some of their collections in this style, more and more leaning towards functional and versatile things that can easily be worn every day.

Types of casual directions

Casual style can easily be called one of the most popular and popular especially among the younger generation, because it really meets all the necessary requirements of modern youth: practicality, versatility, convenience, beauty and elegance.

Supporting such a style in your own wardrobe, it is difficult to go unnoticed, it is preferred by both the female half of society and the male, there are many teenage and even children's collections.Perhaps that is why casual enough expanded quickly, got its own views and directions, we will discuss some of them.

  • Business casual. A more strict, compared to the smart casual, style is characterized by a combination of the usual classics and easy democracy. In the business casual, the jumper and pullovers are allowed, as well as the absence of a tie, there may be elements unusual for a strict business style: double stitching, patch pockets.
  • Smart casual. The founder of this type can be considered the well-known designer Giorgio Armani, who showed the world how to simplify a strict business suit, add some lightness and negligence to it, the desire for freedom and self-expression even in gray office everyday life. The main features of the smart casual are a semi-adjacent cut of clothing, a jumper worn over a shirt, no tie, and an open top button, a strict business suit with a shirt or turtleneck on. Freedom of style is expressed in the ability to roll up the sleeves to the elbow or to use a large number of accessories: scarves, scarves, earrings, as well as color variety.
  • Street-casual.Probably the most vivid and perfect manifestation of the casual style, since it is here that almost all the restrictions are absent, complete freedom of choice, the most spontaneous combination of colors and fabrics, the main thing is not to go beyond the main frames of elegant negligence.
  • Sport-casual. It looks like a straight kazhual, but at the same time, it is diluted with jeans, especially straight jeans and shirts, blown vests, sneakers, sneakers, caps with wide visors, accessories in the form of fabric bracelets, glasses, coulombs.
  • Casual Chic. “Careless elegance”, created by fashion designer Nino Cherruti, a hallmark of this style is a skillful combination of simple and minimalistic styles with expensive and chic fabrics. The ability to combine incompatible - this is the main feature of casual chic.

How to master the art of casual style?

So that people do not speak there, but through the controversial casual style, it obliges its wearer to the sense of ideal taste, the ability to see in ordinary everyday things the very basis for creating a unique image. It is very difficult to learn how to dress like this, and yet we will try to reveal to you a couple of secrets of this amazing and interesting style.

  • Although the word “careless” is present in every line of the description of this trend, stretched sportswear and a shirt with a spot here are absolutely not included. Strive to emphasize negligence, add accents, avoid inaccuracy and laxity of your image. Achieve multilayers, combine the incompatible and see what happens, the main thing is not to overdo it!
  • Choosing a regular image, think carefully about where you are going: if this is a regular lunch with friends, you can wear jeans or leggings, and an evening dinner will suit pants or a dress. Remember that your appearance should differ dramatically in each incompatible case: for example, a work order or for going to the cinema can hardly somehow overlap.
  • The casual style does not have inherent elements of glamor or chic: jeans in a rhinestone, a huge number of brilliant jewelry, as well as similar elements - do not fit into a discreet casual look. The same goes for shoes: high heels and studs, leave the platforms in the past, convenience and comfort are at stake, which means moccasins, ballet flats, low-sandals, sleepers, sneakers, ugg boots and other light-on-the-go types.

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