Celine Dion makes no attempt to become an icon of style

Sonya Morsikova July 26, 2017

Since Celine Dion has changed her stylist, she has been struggling to get into street style reviews. Everything is used: hooded Vetements with an ironic print from “Titanic” (significant for the singer of the film, in general), and neon prints, and jackboots - everything that looks cool on Instagram. The Grammy owner is turned into a style icon by the stylist Lowe Roach, who used to dress young stars like Zendai. Starting a collaboration with Celine Dion, he decisively threw out of her wardrobe all the heavy couture she was accustomed to, forcing her to flaunt in insane things from the new collections of Demny Gvasalia. Lowe Rochu was lucky: Celine is well built, fearless and agrees to hooliganize.

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