Chamomile hair lightening

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Blondes and fair-haired girls and women who have a negative experience of “communicating” with factory dye products, are prone to allergic reactions, or who prefer natural dyes in principle, to give hair a dynamic look and brighten individual strands or completely hair.

Yes, it would seem, an ordinary weed, growing everywhere in the European part of our vast country, and such a good thing: the chamomile will not only lighten the hair a few tones, but also make them shine completely in the sun, and at the same time strengthen the hair structure the very core.

Lightening strands is considered the most popular procedure among all methods and techniques of dyeing.

Chemistry or chamomile?

Even on perfectly healthy hair, chemical dyes in most cases have, perhaps, not immediately noticeable, but a negative impact: they dry the ends of the hair, disrupt their structure, damage the strands, make the hair shaggy and untidy, cause allergies in the form of dermatoses, skin irritations, unpleasant dandruff or seborrhea.

Chamomile hair lightening

One or two dyeing with factory dyeing products may not create problems, but regular tinting of the roots, experiments with dyeing techniques or hair color will lead to the indicated negative consequences. These same effects will appear much faster if the organism as a whole is not very strong and healthy, and the hair is not well-groomed and is not provided with the right, suitable for this type of hair and their structure. And if a woman also decided to save money on her hair and buy an inexpensive tool instead of brand quality, then the risk of getting damaged hair increases at times.

Among folk ways, representing an alternative to chemical dyes, the chamomile has long been popular

In contrast to chemically loosened hair follicles and destroyed hair structure, ordinary chamomile offers gentle care, hair styling, healthy shine, natural healing, as well as a very insignificant cost of dye mask components. For those who are disenchanted with synthetic dyes, fair-haired, fair-haired ladies and a chamomile, the camomile will be a real salvation,but on the dark-haired hair because of the durability of the natural pigment, the nature given to mankind, chamomile doesn’t show such a strong effect, and the lightening will be practically imperceptible - two or three chamomile procedures will give lightening only for one tone.

Literate collection and use of chamomile

Our great-grandmothers and more distant historically female generations had chic thick, elastic, shiny and healthy hair, without having any opportunity to buy branded shampoos and conditioners-conditioners-masks for them. The secret of such magnificence of hair consisted in the fact that wise women of that time used natural means, including chamomile. For the traditionally Slavic blonde type, the effect of the chamomile consisted of strengthening the hair cover and brightening it. In addition to the magnificent effect, chamomile flowers growing all over the place, resembling miniature suns, are absolutely safe for the health of hair and the whole organism.

Chamomile hair lightening

But even safe and effective folk remedies require competent use.If you decide to harvest chamomile yourself, then this is a whole science:

Chamomile picking is recommended to start in mid-June, in the period of its mass flowering;
most useful are those plants that grow in the field and on the meadows, as well as on the edge of the forest;
chamomile is collected only in dry, warm (but not hot!) weather and early in the morning — it is during this period that the concentration of vitamins and other beneficial substances is maximum in chamomile flowers;
Chamomile drug color is never collected near highways, roads, railway lines, waste dumps, fur farms, oil, gas and other environmentally harmful storage facilities - chamomile has the property like a sponge to absorb toxic substances that groundwater is “famous for” in these areas , ground, ambient air;
when harvesting, you cannot pick up a daisy from the root - this is like a mycelium: destroy the root and next year there will be no daisies in this place; when harvesting, the chamomile stalk is cut with a knife or scissors to a third of the dirt surface;
Collected chamomile is immediately determined for drying: it should be a non-solar place, not located in the wind or draft, with an optimum temperature of 35-40 ° at normal (not high humidity).

If you are embarrassed by such a long and painstaking procedure, then for the lightening of the hair, it is enough to pack the medicinal camomile packed in pharmacy: such raw materials are carefully selected and quality controlled, and therefore fully suitable for clarifying purposes.

For natural hair lightening, chamomile can be collected by hand according to the rules, or you can purchase a ready-made pharmaceutical collection

For partial or full lightening of the strands requires a concentrated decoction, which due to the high content of active substances dries hair. For blonde, possessing a fat-like hair, this property of chamomile will play into the hands - the hair will cease to quickly become dirty, and the strands will brighten effectively, but the hair that is dry from nature or damaged after staining by factory means is often not recommended for chamomile use.

In addition to natural lightening, chamomile copes well with dandruff, itching, and combing.

How to cook and use a decoction of chamomile?

The classic recipe for preparing a decoction from the color of chamomile is simple: 100 g of chamomile raw material is poured into a glass of boiling water and, covered with a lid and insulated additionally, insists half an hour, after which it is filtered.For clarification filtered chamomile decoction is used as follows:

Hair is pre-washed in the usual way with the use of shampoo, the strands are dried.
Romashkovy broth plentifully moistened all strands or only those that are intended for selective clarification.
A special cap, plastic bag or film is put on the head, which is additionally covered from above for warming with a piece of thick fabric or a terry towel.
The decoction on the hair lasts 40 minutes (for darker hair a little longer), then washed off with warm water without using detergents.

Chamomile hair lightening

For the less concentrated, intended only for healing, but not having the lightening property of chamomile broth, pour boiling water over 1 tbsp of boiling water. raw materials, just insist and strain. Such a decoction will not give a contrasting discoloration - only a light golden tint will play on the locks, but with regular use the condition of the hair and the skin of the scalp will improve. For young ladies who are not averse to experimenting with the effect of chamomile decoction, it is recommended to try various combinations of chamomile volumes and the water brewed by it.

The greater the volume of raw chamomile and less water, the more concentrated the decoction is obtained, the brighter the effect that brightens the strands will appear

After the healing rinses with chamomile, it is important not to wipe the strands dry with a towel, but only slightly to get wet, increasing the duration of the lightening pigment. After chamomile procedures, it is not recommended to use electric drying (hairdryer) - let the strands dry naturally.

Chamomile masks for lightening hair

In addition to the “pure” decoction of chamomile color, numerous masks with various additions are used for lightening - any beauty for your own hair type and the expected effect will select the desired mask composition. The ingredients for the masks are available, inexpensive, and the effect obtained from the compositions, the recipes of which are given below, will appeal to both the hair and its owners.

Chamomile hair lightening

Glycerin Composition with Chamomile

For this coloring composition, a decoction of chamomile is prepared in proportions of 1 cup of boiling water per 100 g of dried chamomile, infused and filtered as usual. After that 50 g of glycerin is added to it, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

The resulting mixture is evenly distributed on selected or all strands and left on the hair under insulation from polyethylene and a terry towel for one hour. How does this mask work? Glycerin envelops each hair and aligns the outer scaly surface of the hair, it fixes and holds chamomile coloring pigment inside the structure, thereby prolonging the coloring effect.

Chamomile brightening with lemon

Acidification of the composition with lemon gives in addition to persistent clarification complex care: strengthening the structure of blond hair and giving them a natural healthy shine. Chamomile decoction for such a method is prepared in proportion to a glass of boiling water for 25 g of chamomile color and infused for an hour, then filtered. In the filtered infusion is added squeezed juice of half a lemon, the composition is distributed to the strands and additionally insulated. After a long aging of the composition on the hair, the head is washed with shampoo and a nutrient balm or nourishing mask is always applied.

Chamomile brightening with lemon and vegetable oil

In addition to lemon in the clarifying composition it is recommended to add natural vegetable oil - olive oil or burdock will have an additional restoring and nourishing effect.An infusion of chamomile for such masks is prepared on the basis of a glass of boiling water for 6 tbsp. chamomile color, brewed chamomile is aged in a water bath for 15-20 minutes, then filtered and cooled. In broth squeezed juice of an average lemon and two tablespoons of l are added. olive or burdock oil.

The resulting mixture is applied under the insulation for 30 minutes, then washed off with ordinary shampoo.

Chamomile hair lightening

Brightening daisies with honey

A popular recipe - adding natural honey and lemon to chamomile broth will make hair silky, shiny and soft. One package of pharmaceutical chamomile (50 g) is poured with two glasses of water and slowly brought to a boil, then infused for half an hour, cooled and filtered. In the finished broth is added the juice of one lemon and three tbsp. natural light (flower) honey, the mixture is mixed until uniform and applied to clean hair. The composition is aged on the strands and a half to two hours and washed off with warm water. The mask is recommended for use no more than once a week.

In addition to the examples given, chamomile-based brightening compositions with the addition of fresh egg yolk or turmeric are popular, in some cases not chamomile broth, but oil chamomile extract is used.The result of the lightening depends on the type of hair and on the freshness / quality of the ingredients of the hair applied to the hair, as well as on the frequency of the procedures performed - only then the hair will give you a healthy shine and sunshine, shining as if from within with color.

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