Champagne: the best cocktails

On August 4, we have an official reason to uncork a bottle of champagne and drink this sparkling drink. Yes, it is on this day in France that the birthday of one of the most famous drink is celebrated. It all began exactly 347 years ago, when the monk Pierre Perignon set up experiments for the production of various wines, until one morning he presented the exquisite French public with a miraculous drink with silver bubbles. This prototype of sparkling wine came to taste the guests so much that the date of the tasting was immediately dubbed champagne, and the name Perignon became the brand of the French premium drink. Woman`s Day presents four festive cocktails based on this sparkling wine.

French classics: �Cyrus Royal�

Champagne Cocktails
Champagne Cocktails
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Actually, champagne is a sparkling wine of a geographical name, produced in the French region of Champagne by the method of secondary fermentation in a bottle. The strict requirements of the international law of protection of products of a geographic name prohibit calling champagne wine produced by a similar method in another region, although in everyday life,Of course, this rule can be neglected: first of all it applies to producers and sellers. But is it worth limiting the festive alcohol menu to only champagne? As an alternative, Woman's Day has gathered four best champagne-based cocktail recipes. Now, guests are unlikely to doubt your ingenuity.

Cyrus Royal

A variation of the classic cocktail, invented in Burgundy and named after the hero of the Resistance of the priest Felix Cyr, the post-war mayor of Dijon, where the Cassis de Dijon currant liqueur is made. The legend about the origin of the cocktail �Cyr� says that the cocktail in its current form was invented when the reserves of red Burgundy wines in the region were confiscated by the German army during the war: local people began to add to the white currant liqueur to quench their longing for red wine.


Champagne Ryut - 130 ml

Currant liqueur - 20 ml

Mix and serve in a champagne glass.

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