Characteristics of men and women Virgos in the year of the Rooster

Anna Lyubimova October 28, 2017

The individuals born under this zodiac combination are quite interesting and extraordinary. Virgo-Rooster seeks to achieve the ideal in all: both work and relationships. As a result, he (or she) is inclined to constantly criticize everything, improve, bring to a model state in his understanding.

These people are punctual, honest, they know how to value trusting relationships, they are open and easy to communicate. These are not just good storytellers, but also listeners. Theytrue friends and comrades.

Virgins of the Year of the Rooster are sometimes kept somewhat arrogant, emphasizing the personal significance

At the same time, they are rather observant and susceptible to the feelings and emotions of others, they are able to subtly feel the mood and atmosphere in communication.

They do not tolerate a dismissive or indifferent attitude to their person and are able to quickly put in the place of the opponent. With a sharp tongue and eloquence,The virgins of the year of the Rooster are capable of sharp, precise utterances. In this way, the Deva-Rooster covers up her internal vulnerability, since she is very sensitive to criticism.

Ability to abstract and logical thinking, erudition and ease of assimilation of new information allow the Maiden-Rooster to achieve significant success in achieving their goals. They know how to win over people, convince and infect with their ideas, enthusiasm, therefore they are considered to be good motivators and organizers.

Characteristics of men Virgo Rooster

Virgo-Roosters do not tolerate neglect of their person

The Virgin of the Yearoften prone to "excellent syndrome": they want to achieve the ideal in everything, and since it is more often impossible, they are disappointed and dissatisfied with themselves, others and the work done.

They are sociable and very talkative people who simply can not stand the silence. With their excessive eloquence, they sometimes frankly irritate others. At the same time, having a bright temperament, attract people to themselves.

These people reach solid heights in the economic and financial spheres, because the Deva-Rooster is practical and persistent. He sets real goals, "recruits" assistants in their achievement, stubbornly moves to the result and does not accept failures.Such a person knows many ways to lure a useful person to his side, turn the situation in the right direction, and after failing, he will not stop and will try again and again.

In general, these are life-loving and colorful characters, combining the recklessness of the Rooster with the organization of the Virgin

Characteristics of men Dev-Petukhov

Guy Virgo, born in the year of the Rooster, is charismatic and charming. He always looks impeccable, is tuned to positive, correct communication, communicative and benevolent. Despite his openness in communication, he finds it unacceptable to publicly display his emotions and emotions.

Watching their speech and behavior, suchguys can still be sharp and sharp on the tongue, expressing his judgment about something or expressing dissatisfaction with the situation.

These are energetic and active personalities who set concrete real goals and achieve them on their own. They are not waiting for the right moment, but are able to quickly think things over and make a decision. They have a high potential leader and volitional qualities. With intuition and insight,they are able to give a correct assessment of the situation and find a reasonable solution.

Characteristics of men Dev-Petukhov

Possessing intuition and insight, the Maiden-Roosters are able to give a correct assessment of the situation.

In the work, the male Virgo-Rooster shows an enviable sense of purpose and hard work. He is a reliable partner, a responsible employee, who is used to taking the matter seriously and thoroughly. His nature is inherent in the desire for self-realization and the disclosure of abilities.

These are, as a rule, erudite and well-read personalities who, possessing the ability to concentrate forces and work for results,achieve great career successand financial security.

Imperfections of the mark

Virgo-Roosters are very intolerant of criticism in their address. Significant weakness and vulnerability of the character of the male Deva-Rooster is a manifestation of arrogance and sometimes arrogance. Demonstrating its significance, he shows some isolation from others, placing himself above others.

He likes to command, but does not like to obey at all. And this concerns not only work, but all spheres of his life.

But it is worth noting that the male Virgo-Rooster still tries to deal with his shortcomings.

Characteristics of women Dev-Petukhov

The Virgo girl, born in the Year of the Rooster, has an attractive and bright appearance, prefers to dress stylishly and tastefully, while being critical of the appearance of others. It's for hoursmakes marafet perfecting his appearance, is ready to spend a decent amount spontaneously and buy the outfit you like, but is not inclined to rash spending in other areas.

Virgo-rooster is open to talk, not cunning and not cunning, that has people to it. People like to communicate with her, but her excessive self-confidence sometimes leads to problems.This woman is too straightforward. Possessing intuition and ability to catch the mood and the general atmosphere, she does not know how to diplomatically and subtly circumvent the situation.

Imperfections of the mark

Virgo-Rooster is open in communication, does not disingeniously and does not trick

The woman Virgo of the Year of the Rooster is an organized and focused personality who takes a responsible and serious attitude to everything that she will undertake. This is an energetic and purposeful person, educated and well-read, able to skillfully master the speech, giving the conversation the right direction. She has a manly mindset, and in life she is very emancipated nature. It is completelyrelies on his opinion, can behave proudly and condescendingly with those around her, arguing, considering that the only correct way out of the situation is seen only by her.

Her character is often controversial: she can be sociable and sociable, and sometimes the arrogant and internally tense “gets up” before others.

Imperfections of the mark

Woman Virgo-cock veryvalues ​​her independenceand in many cases I'm used to relying only on myself. However, such an approach determines weak character traits — authority and a desire to command, as well as the arrogance and rejection of any objections.

Virgo of the Year of the Rooster is too honest, which in certain situations is a minus. She can speak rather sharply about any matter without thinking that it might offend anyone. Therefore, if you do not want to hear the "bitter" truth, do not be interested in its opinion.

Characteristics of female Dev-Serpent

Defects of the Virgin-Rooster - power, desire to command and arrogance

Love compatibility Virgo year rooster

The man of this zodiacal combination is very picky and inclined to idealize his partner. is hewill look for a princess, which completely must correspond to his ideas about ideal love.

In relationships, the male Virgo-Rooster shows romance, knows how to look nice, inclined to conservative signs of attention

However, it is rather difficult to get along with such a man in a marriage, since he, feeling himself a full owner and head of the family, does not tolerate criticism, considering that his decision. Compatibility in love and harmony in a marriage he can only find with a woman who will recognize his primacy and fully rely on him. If the chosen one of the Maiden-Rooster can show gentleness and pliability, then he will become the most tender and caring companion of life.

The Virgo-Rooster woman is endowed with natural refinement and attractive force for the opposite sex. Her charm and magical sexuality attracts to her a rather extensive army of fans. She knows her own worth and always keeps the proper distance until she is sure that the man suits her.

However, in a family and love relationships such a woman does not always make things go smoothly. Deva-Rooster is a domineering nature and often tries to turn her husband into a henpecked. In addition, shevery emotional and jealousand may well throw a scandal. But if, on her way, not a weak person is caught up, but a strong-willed person capable of “taming” her, this will be a wonderful couple and a strong family.

Maximum compatibility Average
Minimum compatibility
According to the eastern calendar Monkey, Horse, Rat, Tiger Goat, Cat (Rabbit), Pig, Rooster Dragon, Snake, Dog, Bull
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Full description of the child of the Virgin born in the year of the Rooster

Young representatives of this sign combination are very sociable and talkative. Theythey constantly say something, share their emotionsand impressions. They also know how to listen carefully.

They are kind and sociable kids who get along well with their peers and treat adults with respect and obedience.

A girl at an early age shows the features of a hostess and the desire to help in the kitchen and around the house. This is a cute, charming, spontaneous child. She is tidy, looks after her appearance and likes to be beautifully dressed.

Characteristics of the Child of the Virgin, born in the year of the Rooster

They are kind and sociable kids who get along well with their peers.

The sign boy Virgo, born in the year of the Rooster, is very inquisitive. He methodically and responsibly approaches to the fulfillment of tasks. Especially he has a tendency to the exact and analytical sciences. Such a child will be a good assistant in a workshop or garage, treating assignments with full dedication, while showing importance and pride, as well as a desire to boast of their successes.

Children of the Virgin-Cocksobservant, attentive, quick-witted, able to quickly grasp and memorize information, which contributes to success in learning and creativity. However, their excessive desire to do the work as best as possible leads to irritability, if it is impossible to achieve the ideal.

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