Coffee-card-Chocolate Girl

There are a lot of people among us who are true connoisseurs and real gourmets of coffee. Many cannot even imagine a morning without a cup of freshly brewed coffee. For them, the day is considered not started without your favorite drink. There is another category of people who occasionally drink coffee, but simply adore the smell of coffee beans. No wonder they even give a sniff of coffee beans when you choose a perfume, so that the smells do not mix with each other and choose the right and suitable one for you. Also quite a lot now and produce cosmetics with coffee flavors, it is soap, and shower gels, and cream. For gourmets, this is a true delight, not only to taste the taste of your favorite drink, but also to smell your favorite aroma. Here you need, for example, to congratulate with any holiday coffee lover, and what it is he can present interesting in addition to a jar of coffee. A good addition to this gift is the chocolate.Now relevant for chocolate is the so-called cards called "chocolate". They put chocolate in them and in appearance they look a bit like a box of flat shape. Now we are considering a master class on making chocolate in a coffee style. For its manufacture, we need to take:
  • Scrapbumaga size 30 * 30 cm and 20 * 20 cm in brown-beige color;
  • Satin brown ribbon with polka-dot;
  • Chocolate scheme;
  • Picture with a cup of coffee;
  • Cut elements: twig, openwork circle, butterfly, flowers;
  • Inscription printed with the name of the birthday;
  • A piece of burlap;
  • Ribbons with pom-poms brown and white;
  • Lace with twine;
  • Half beads, brown pearl;
  • Rosettes beige and brown;
  • Hole punch curb lace;
  • Cl her pencil;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Ruler, scissors, pencil.
 Coffee card chocolate
Coffee-card chocolate-maker
We lay out the scheme before ourselves.We take a large sheet of scrapbook, turn it upside down.
 Coffee card chocolate
 Coffee card chocolate
Transfer all dimensions from the diagram to scrapbook. We draw lines of bends.
Coffee card chocolate
 Coffee card chocolate
Cut out our base. We add up and get such a foundation.
 Coffee card chocolate
 Chocolate card chocolate
Now take the smaller scrapbook and cut these rectangles here. We also make lace stripes with a hole punch.
 Coffee card chocolate
 Chocolate card chocolate
We will decorate two rectangles.Adhesives pictures, cutting, burlap and inscription.  Coffee card chocolate
 Chocolate Maid's Coffee Card
We cut out two strips of tape, glue them from behind.
Coffee Card Chocolate Girl
 Chocolate Maid's Coffee Card
Pictures are sewn. Glue now all our rectangles on the base. We sew each side.
Coffee card chocolate
 Chocolate Girl's Coffee Card
Now spread the tails with glue pencil and glue the pocket of our chocolate bar. Coffee Card Chocolate Girl
 Chocolate card chocolate
Now we decorate with flowers, lace, bow-tie and a bow. Now it remains only to glue the entire decor and chocolate is completely ready.We select the favorite birthday chocolate, put it inside, you can still write a few nice lines of wishes and everything is ready. I thank everyone for their attention, I hope it turned out very interesting and informative, to new meetings!
 Coffee card chocolate
Chocolate card chocolate
Coffee card chocolate

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