Church holiday September 30



Memorial Day of the Holy Martyrs of Faith, Hope, Love, and the Mother of Their Sophia. They lived in Italy, did not hide their faith in Christ, and openly confessed it. Upon learning of this, the emperor Adrian ordered to bring them to Rome, and in turn urged that the goddess Artemis be offered a sacrifice. The young maidens (Vera was 12, Nadezhda-10, and Lyubov-9-years-old) remained adamant, and the emperor ordered them to be brutally tortured: the girls burnt on an iron grate, threw them into a stove and a cauldron with boiling tar, but the Lord kept His Invisible Force their. The younger, Love, was tied to a wheel and beaten with sticks until her body turned into a continuous bloody wound. St. Sophia was forced to look at the sufferings of her daughters, but she showed extraordinary courage and urged the girls to endure torment in the name of the Heavenly Bridegroom. All three virgins were beheaded. Sophia was allowed to take the bodies of her daughters. Having buried them in a high place outside the city, the holy one, without departing, sat at the grave of her daughters and, at last, betrayed her soul to the Lord there.Believers buried her in the same place.

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