Clever words

Clever words borrowed from other languages ​​are designed to slay those around you with the intellect of the speaker or writer. And in fact many people want to know abstruse words for communication and their meaning, but they are lazy just to search them on the Internet and use them in simple speech. It is time to finally compile a dictionary of the most incomprehensible words in Russian and their meanings and memorize them! Where and how will this help you? For example, in reviews of new films, plays and books, in conversations with colleagues, in a talk show on TV and the blogosphere, here and there flashes with an important look "insight", "kurtosis", "existential" and, of course, superfashionable "cognitive dissonance". And you do not understand a word, and in fact no one wants to feel “narrow-minded” and ignorant.

Remember the proverb "The word is not a sparrow, fly out - you will not catch"? A complete list of the smartest words in the world that you can use for conversation and their meaning, of course, we can not bring, but we bring to your attention a list of literate smart words for communicating with people (and their meaning) - a kind of mini-dictionary of popular smart expressions .

Smart nouns

The most useful words with meaning that everyone should know are nouns, because they are the basis of our speech. All these clever buzzwords, like, “insight”, “collaboration”, “frustration” ... So, we are replenishing vocabulary with long clever words that we need to know.

dictionary of the most incomprehensible words in the Russian language and their meanings


The English word addiction characterizes dependence, a pernicious habit, a way to escape from reality. Addictions are not only alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, smoking. Psychologists say: a similar mechanism of dependence for those who overeat, live and burn at work, loves extreme sports, hangs on the Internet for days, loves creativity and ... falls in love. Another thing is that the forms of addiction are divided into acceptable by society, like the same workaholism or falling in love, and unacceptable, like excessive craving for alcohol.


Amphibolism is the ambiguity of a concept, its contradictory interpretation. As a rule, this word is rarely used - in dissertations, in court hearings or in biochemical works. But it’s not bad to understand if someone says “this is amphibolic” or “the amphibolicity of this concept puzzles me,because I adhered strictly to the same line, ”but you understand that it’s all just about the ambiguity of the concept you are discussing.


“French” vis-a-vis in Russian can be an adverb (“sit vis-a-vis”, that is, opposite each other), and a noun, with masculine and feminine (“my smart vis-a-vis”, “your beautiful vis-a-vis”). To your counterpart, you have every right to call whoever is in front of you, with whom you are sitting face to face.


What did Stirlitz mean when he said: “I have an idiosyncrasy to rhyme”? The fact that he is completely devoid of poetic gift. He was modest, of course ... For a long time the word with ancient Greek roots (idos - “separate, special”; synkrasis - “mixing”) was familiar only to doctors, but entered into wide use as a synonym for the words “allergy”, “rejection”: “Yes, he idiosyncrasy to everything new! "," I have idiosyncrasy for empty talk ".


Translated from English, “insight” literally means insight, insight. This concept is used in philosophy and psychology to convey insights into the essence, a sudden understanding of something, not derived from past experience. So someone will say: "And then it dawned on me!" - and someone proudly declares: "I had insight!"


The combination of several equal, independent participants in order to achieve common goals in fashion, art, business, science and education is called a collaboration (from English collaboration - collaboration). For example, in late March, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the fantastic Star Trek franchise, the cosmetic company MAS announced the launch of the Star Trek beauty collection. Make-up options will be borrowed from the movie heroes of the franchise and implemented with the help of 25 limited tools for the lips, eyes and face. Start of sales - in August of 2016.


The phenomenon in which the interlocutor asks you a question, although he heard it perfectly. Why does he do it? Scientists say that a person does this consciously or subconsciously in order to have more time to formulate an answer. They (or their colleagues) are still arguing about the origin of the word. Many associate him with the American politician John Kerry, who at the end of 2015 could not immediately answer the question of a Russian schoolboy and asked him again several times. If someone wants to blame you for being slow with an answer, tell him that this is nothing more than kerrilism, and you need a couple of seconds to formulate an answer.


Remember this: "Do not touch me, old woman, I am in sorrow." This was not Ivan the Terrible, but a lipofrenic.If more, then lipofrenik is a person who feels an insuperable sadness, longing and does not know the reasons for the appearance of this condition. Lipofrenia, also called apathy, depression, depression, usually comes from a long stay alone, from routine activities or lack of activity (which is relevant for today's youth), and also from a lack of positive emotions. If you don’t want to wear the not quite proud name “lipophrenic”, do your favorite things more often, prefer live communication to virtual communication, walk more outdoors.


Did you meet stones in the form of a heart or a tomato with a nose? If so, then you are halfway to realizing the word "mold". But here is a more special case, because the uniform is a natural formation, resembling the outlines of the female body or its part. It could be a tree that you looked at a certain angle and saw shoulders, chest, waist, hips ... Or the stones in the rock look so bizarre that they reminded you of your ex. It's all on the patterns.


Have you noticed for some people that they repeat one word or phrase in almost every sentence? If not, you are lucky, and if you have met with this, congratulate your friend: he has palinfrasia.This is not contagious, but it is absolutely unpleasant, when in each sentence you will be told “sir” or “I told you that ...”. And so in a circle. In the end, you will not hear other words, lose the essence of the story and generally lose all interest in the conversation.


When they call this word, they usually recall its arithmetic “formula”: 1 + 1 = 3. Ancient Greek synergeia means “cooperation, commonwealth”. It means an amazing effect that occurs when several subjects or objects interact. This cumulative effect exceeds the impact of the actions of each participant in the process separately. An example of synergy: you have mastered several secrets of applying concealer, and your girlfriend knows all the subtleties about mascara. Having shared lifehacks, both of you, without losing your previous experience, will gain a new one, that is, grow up in the art of visage.


The philosophical trend in ancient Greece, whose followers were famous for their ability to ingeniously conduct scientific debates, gave the name to verbal statements based on juggling of facts, simplifications, and violations of logic. Another sophist (from the ancient Greek sophia - "skill, skill, clever invention, ploy, wisdom, knowledge") brilliantly able to prove the obvious absurdity: "Half-empty is the same as half-full.If half is equal, then the whole are equal. Therefore, the empty is the same as the full. " Therefore, sophistry in a figurative sense is called every speech, which is built on false conclusions, but is disguised as correct, logical.


Borrowed from the sports sphere the word "touch" (touchér in French - touch) draws a line to some dispute, when one of the interlocutors recognizes the rightness, the superiority of another after a decisive argument or a verbal injection - suddenly you competed not in knowledge of the topic, but in wit? Touche, the argument counted, as fencing injections or throws on the back of the fighters, made according to the rules.


To fall into a state of frustration (Latin frustratio - deception, failure, vain expectation) - means experiencing a whole range of negative feelings due to the inability to achieve the desired. For example, you were planning a vacation at sea, already packed a suitcase, and suddenly the authorities with a whip and carrot transfers your vacation a month later because of an important project in which you cannot do without. Naturally, you feel anger, despair, anxiety, irritation, frustration and hopelessness ... Psychologists say that they often suffer from such feelings, strikes their self-esteem.


The selfish namesake of the egocentric (from the Latin words ego - "I" - and centrum - "center") is still not similar to him. The egocentric is focused on his own inner world, point of view, his own interests, needs and does not notice other people, but he is able to "move over", help others, hear them, if he is asked for support. Egocentrism in one way or another is inherent in everyone. The egoist sees the interests of others, but deliberately ignores them, opposes himself to others, always putting his person first.


Latin excessus means “exit, dodge”. In Russian, a word consonant with “process” has two meanings. The first is the extreme manifestation of something: “This is not literature, but a graphomaniac excess!” The second is an emergency, a violation of the normal course of events: “Her gossip caused a real excess in the team.”


A bold, shocking, provocative, self-willed trick in the taste of Salvador Dali, Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus, for example, a rotten herring on a hat or a dress of raw meat - this is the escapade. The French word escapade has a second meaning - an adventure trip - in our language it is not claimed.

Clever adjectives

After the nouns it's time to see a dictionary of clever adjective words for each day and their meanings, because the presence of adjectives in your speech will distinguish you among other interlocutors. Decorate your speech with little-known buzz words, believe me: this will help you in all areas of life. A sort of unfamiliar intelligent words (and their meanings) will help to raise your status among friends and colleagues.

abstruse words for communication and their meaning


Formed from the English adjective upscale - "high-quality, first-class, exclusive." It characterizes the absolute embodiment of the desired properties in any object, object: upskeylny interior design, upskeylny sound, upskeylny image.


This adjective has no relation to a tree with fluffy buds, but to our speech it is very even. The Latin verbum is translated as “word”, therefore “verbal” is verbal, verbal. For example, verbal thinking, verbal intelligence, verbal method. There is also an adjective “non-verbal” - having no verbal expression: non-verbal communication, non-verbal signals.


What do they mean when they talk about deviant behavior? The French word deviation characterizes the deviation from the norm, whether it is the position of the compass needle, the course of the aircraft or the sea vessel, and also the peculiarity of the human psyche. In other words, deviant behavior destroys the personality and health of the person who prefers the antisocial lifestyle, as well as causes moral and material harm to others.


In translation from Latin, cognitio is knowledge, knowledge. The adjective “cognitive” describes a person’s ability to acquire knowledge, to know the world and himself. This psychological term would not be so popular without its companion, the “Frenchman”: dissonance means “discord, disharmony, inconsistency”.

It turns out a kind of situation “my your not understand”, when the previous experience, already accumulated knowledge conflicts with the new information, new circumstances. In your head, at once, two opposing views about the same thing. Let's say your friend emphasizes that he appreciates punctuality, you like it, and at the same time you do not remember a single meeting, when he would not be late.So consider it punctual, organized, true to the word and justify its behavior by chance or not? The need to choose one thing, to evaluate and interpret the newly received picture becomes the cause of mental discomfort.

A synonym for "cognitive dissonance" can be called another stable phrase, the meaning of which not everyone knows. This is a “pattern break.” This is a broader concept, but the essence is the same: you had some kind of scheme in your head regarding a person, a concept, a phenomenon, and overnight this scheme collapses due to new knowledge. It turns out that two and two are not always four. Like this?..


From the English word "smart" translates as "smart", "savvy." That is the meaning of the word "smart" is now used in Russia. This is not to say that it is firmly entrenched in the minds of Russians, but if you do not know what “smart watch” or “smart television” is, and even more so “smartphone”, shame on you Simply put, the prefix (or part of the word) “smart” means “smart”: smartphone = smart phone, smart watch = smart watch, etc. As you probably noticed, the word “smart” is used precisely with high-tech items, so using it, follow the context.


An adjective with English roots (transparent) is respected by politicians, bloggers and even cosmetologists. The former conclude transparent agreements and voice transparent positions without secrets and omissions, the latter vows to be as open and sincere as possible with the audience. A transparent, that is, transparent powder does not look like a mask on the face and at the same time perfectly mattes it. Yes, she can not hide the imperfections of the skin, but this is another topic for conversation.


There is a good understandable word "incomprehensible." And when outside the philosophical debate I want to give speeches intellectual depth, some flaunt the Latin "transcendent" (transcendentis) with the same meaning. And now either the speaker or the writer and his audience are taken to seek and discuss transcendental meanings, connections, feelings ...


Banal, boring, mundane, primitive, ordinary - these are the synonyms for the adjective “trivial”. It has a French ancestry, and in its native language, trivial means the same thing — something ordinary. Less interlocutors with trivial thoughts and anecdotes, theatrical productions and the film premiere with a trivial storyline!


Another philosophical concept associated with being, human life.Latin word existentia and translated - "existence". There are many influences on our day, but the use of the epithet “existential” adds to these “agents of influence” of universal scale. Existential problems, crises, experiences - these are phenomena that exist at the basis of the world, manifested in reality and often not subject to the will of man.


In general, if not all new words were able to immediately fit into your head, we advise you to compile a dictionary of complex intellectual words for conversation, which few people know, with their meaning, of course, and use them as often as possible - in correspondence, in diary entries, in conversation . Only in this way it will not become empty information that you will forget about by closing this page. And by the way: do not think that this is shameful or falsely. It is not shameful to look for and memorize clever words with definitions in order to seem smart. After all, the query “complex words with explanations for smart people” is found very often in RuNet. Notice, for already "smart people", stupid people will not even look for such things.

That is why they would not advise you to search on the Internet, so these are clever words for the status of a girl that no one knows.If no one knows, why write them in status? By the way, there is also a list with very clever synonyms for simple words that you need to know in order to flash in a conversation, but about this some other time.

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