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Jul 31, 2008

The middle of the day is a tough time for me at work. It's not that I have anything out of the ordinary to do, but the end of the day is far off and there's nothing to focus on but the tasks at hand. Normally, I get through with the help of caffeine, but what really helps is if a coworker shares some snacks. It perks me up and keeps me going through the day.

So when Cold Stone Creamery offered to send us free samples of their new summer flavors this past Wednesday, I was excited to get a pint or two of creamy goodness in the office. Imagine my surprise when they sent a suitcase full of ice cream, complete with waffle bowls, sprinkles and three people to serve it!

Cold Stone sent us three special flavors—Blueberry Double Play (with blueberry muffin batter ice cream, blueberries and yellow cake), Grand Slam Batter (with cookie batter ice cream, pecans, cookie dough and fudge) and Batter's Box of Sprinkles (similar to the store's existing Birthday Cake Remix, with cake batter ice cream, sprinkles, brownies and fudge). Each flavor was in a gigantic tin that must have been nearly impossible to lift.

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Clearly, we had to call for reinforcements. Word got out quickly that a

mini-Cold Stone Creamery had been set up in our office, and people from

all over the building got in line to get a scoop. The crowd favorite

was the Grand Slam Batter—you can't go wrong with cookie dough—and

Batter's Box of Sprinkles went quickly too. Blueberry Double Play got

mixed reviews; some praised its unique flavor while others thought it

was too sweet.

As unexpected as this impromptu ice cream party was, at least the

office got a midday treat. People went back to their desks content,

awake, and filled to the brim with ice cream.


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