Compatibility of Scorpio and Libra: confidence versus timidity

Natalya Erofeevskaya December 15, 2017

Very mysterious and mysterious, emotional and sensual Scorpio. Weak and indecisive, often mistaken even in serious life issues Scales.What can be in common between them?Between the living present, the very presumptuous Scorpion and the balanced and patient Libra?

Business or love unionbetween the representatives of these two signs is quite interesting, because people have something to learn from each other. Scorpio's life is full of love victories and joyful events, and Libra is even a little jealous: often own reinsurance does not allow them to perform bold, and sometimes extravagant acts.

The compatibility of Scorpio and Libra is based primarily on the ability to share experience and knowledge.

Comparison of signs shows that the frequent disputes between them are not accidental: in them Scorpio shows all his wisdom, and Libra is given a chance to boast of intelligence and balanced decisions. It should also be remembered that Libra belongs to the element of Air, while Scorpio is a water sign: fundamental differences are felt at any stage of communication.

Compatibility table for Scorpio and Libra

In love In sex Married In friendship
Average High Average High

Compatibility of Scorpio Men and Libra Women: Pros and Cons of Relationships

This combination of charactersvery ambiguous: on the one hand, the Libra woman has enough intelligence to understand what Scorpio thinks and how he lives, on the other hand, she still doesn’t know his true face. Secrecy, vulnerability, a constant emotional mask, touchiness and a rather unpleasant for a man feeling of vindictiveness - this is what the Scorpio man brings to this union. This and trust until the end can not be, and inadvertently offend - God forbid.

A woman in Libra is in business or love alliance with Scorpio all the time has to be in good shape, but constant caution in words and actions depresses her

Indeed, why should Libra "break spears" for the sake of this ungrateful person? Instead of constant struggle for a place in the sun, which the woman repeatedly loses over and over again, she will try to find herselfother application. This will be either a curious hobby in which Scorpio has no place, or a break in relations.

Are they compatible in love?

Despite the fact that the novel can develop very rapidly (most often exclusively due to the emotional and amorous Scorpio),Libra in it is the victim's role. At first, a woman will not even feel how subtly and carefully Scorpio manipulates her, but over time she will feel more and more clearly the weight of the shackles and dependence on his bright personality. The clear leader, the Scorpio man, will leave his weak friend a small choice: modest hobbies, rare meetings with friends, and in marriage - housekeeping and raising children. However, if a woman will play second roles in love relationships, the union can even be very stable.

Intimate relationships can be a twist in love between a Scorpio man and a Libra woman.

Intimate relationships can be a twist in love between a Scorpio man and a Libra woman.

Their love is more like a partnership: a man will assume the role of a teacher natural for him, a woman as a pupil. In her life he will bring new knowledge and self-confidence, she will give him inspiration and fresh air, Libra’s ability to realize herself in creativity will always admire Scorpio.

Scorpio guy and Libra girl in sex

Intimate relationships can be a twist in love between a Scorpio man and a Libra woman. In bed - the true kingdom of Scorpio: emotional and sensual, relaxed and possessing tremendous sexual charisma, this man will not disregard any inch of his girlfriend's body. All that remains for Libra is to submit to an attentive and sensitive partner. Over time, Libra will feel more confident, and passions will inflame more, the main thingdon't confront each other, and find pleasure in communicating with each other.

Various experiments are typical for male Scorpion and Female Libra: not only in love joys, but also in the choice of their location.

Are they suitable for each other in marriage?

The initiator of a legal marriage is usually Libra, the freedom-loving Scorpio is not particularly eager to put a ring on his finger.Marriage between representatives of these signs can be relatively stable, if both find the strength and desire to solve several issues on mutually beneficial terms.

Maybe,the only controversial issue will be finance. No, they are both not against discussing serious purchases, investing money or spending on joint trips and education of children. But each of them wants to be the sole treasurer and accumulate family money in their hands - the leadership qualities of both do not allow to give the wife such an important measure of power as money. As a rule, the main earner, and most often the only working and earning in this family is the husband of Scorpio - why should he give all the money to a housewife? But the wife was not used to asking for money for every tube of cream and new tights.

Only a competent distribution of the family budget will help to avoid family scenes between Scorpio and Libra due to earnings and spending money

The undoubted advantage in this marriage will beabsolute conflict-freethe Libra woman: her mild, and often frankly weak and indecisive, character tries not to bring the matter to the point of clarifying the relationship - she foresees a storm that is brewing and tries to neutralize it with all its might.It is this nature of the partner that Scorpio needs - this man knows how to be quick-tempered and in anger he is really terrible: the softness and gentleness of the wife cools his ardor.

The initiator of a legal marriage is usually Libra

The initiator of a legal marriage is usually Libra

Is there a friendship if he is a Scorpio and she is Libra?

Despite the fact that the characters and worldview of the representatives of these astrological signs, in fact, are polar, they are verycan and can be friends. Their personal qualities successfully complement each other: Scorpio lacks balance and some kind of peace of mind, Libra - emotionality and emancipation. All this they may well learn from each other. These two have something to talk about: erudite and well-read, they are able to talk for hours, and since they do not have much to share in friendship, they will almost always be on equal terms.

A Scorpio man and a Libra woman like to spend their free time together: he brings optimism to a friendly union, she is calm and wisdom

How to win a Scorpio man?

A Libra woman will have a hard time if such a man falls into her heart.He is bright and extraordinary, in his environment there will certainly be pretty relaxed girlfriends, and therefore a sensitive, vulnerable and indecisive woman of the sign of Libra will not be easy to get to his heart. Communicating with Scorpio can even cause a feeling of discomfort, but you can’t order it to your heart, and therefore Libra will more resemble a butterfly that flies mindlessly on a candle flame.

Than thin and delicate scales can attract the attention of such a charismatic man? Artistry, great creativity, sociability, erudition and a sharp mind - these qualities Scorpio will appreciate. And if Libra is alsostop frankly afraid and give inbefore the strength of this man's character, then the relationship will develop in the right direction.

How to get the attention of women Libra?

Like a true woman who knows her worth,Scales choose only worthy- it must certainly be a beautiful and strong, confident man, without complexes and pathos. Possessing strong intuition and insight, born under this sign sees insincerity in people, tricks, mercantile spirit.She will bypass such, and, if necessary, break the already existing relationship, without thinking, despite all her natural indecision.

Scales choose only worthy - it must certainly be a beautiful and strong, confident man, without complexes and pathos

Scales choose only worthy - it must certainly be a beautiful, strong, confident man

As a man-Scorpiowin the heart of your sweetheart? He should be with her gentler and calmer: a steep temper and excessive emotionality, superficiality, insensitivity once and for all pushed him away from the woman sign Libra. Perhaps she will give a second chance for rapprochement, but she will always remember how the first one ended. For a man it is difficult not only to attract this attention not without a king in the head of a woman, as to keep him.

Horoscope compatibility Women Scorpio and Male Weights

Representatives of these astrological signsdo not resemble each other likeheaven and earth. He is Libra timid and indecisive, vulnerable and easily susceptible to outside opinion. She is a Scorpio, able to manipulate people, flexible and not without poison, which is always ready to splash out on the unwanted. The virtue of Libra is the ability of this man to present himself: he is elegant, has a sharp mind and correct speech, knows how to charm and interest interlocutors.In case of failures, he is inclined to retreat, his uncertainty catches his eye, and the Scorpio woman, such vacillation-throwing frankly irritates. For her, everything should be clear and clear, and he, maybe, would like to be so, but nature did not endure with confidence.

Love relationship

Compatibility in love between a female Scorpion and a male Libranot too highBut much depends on the patience and tolerance of the man. Scorpio is a pretty uncomfortable sign in itself: it does not know how, and therefore does not want to compromise in any way. Such a woman perfectly understands what she likes and what does not, her world view is formed and she is not going to change him. Next to Scorpio Scales, of course, feel more confident: this woman gives them inner strength, teaches endurance and perseverance. But she needs her: with balanced, let and soft Libra, this woman finds peace and femininity, which sometimes she simply forgets.

If both support each other and put up with partner’s shortcomings, love can live for a long time.

Sexual attraction couples

Sex in this couple is on the verge of a foul. Not because he is so violent and unrestrained, but because of the temperament of a man and a woman. Scorpio gives a woman a love ardor, a thirst for passions, immodest desires. Alas, the timid and indecisive man of the Libra sign does not understand this. For her, bed is a place for experiments, for him - attempts (and not always successful ones) to please a hot lover.

They will succeed, Scorpio and Libra are able to find harmony in intimate relationships, provided that both try. It is important for a woman not to criticize her indecisive partner, but to support his timid initiatives sensitively, and the man should listen to the wishes of the partner and his own - in fact, the erotic potential of Libra is great, and therefore Scorpio will eventually receive a magnificent lover in his arms.


In view of the foregoing, Scorpio-Libra’s marriage relationship is initially difficult to call successful.The clear leader in this pair is a woman, and sometimes Libra tries to manipulate her chosen one, he has enough intelligence to figure out and break these timid attempts. Yes, even a poisonous bite at the end.In such marriages, the husband often finds himself in the role of henpecked and it's unlikely that he will be able to change the role.

Marriage can be called almost perfect if everyone accepts the role prepared by the stars: the wife becomes the head of the family, and not nominal, but actual, and her husband will get a secondary role. Household and financial issues Scorpio successfully resolved himself, the breadwinner in the family, most likely, will Libra, because with their diplomatic character is much easier to move up the career ladder.

Household and financial issues Scorpio successfully decide himself

Household and financial issues Scorpio successfully decide himself

Parenting,most likely, too, will lie on the man's shoulders- a calm and sensible dad will always help the child with homework and teenage problems, while too emotional and authoritarian mom can only aggravate the situation.

How are the girl Scorpio and the boy Libra?

Even if the friendship between these very different people is established, she will only wearpractical. An individualist to the bone Scorpios is not particularly eager for someone's friendship, but in the nevertheless the friendship that has happened clearly dominates, regardless of the interests of others.Perhaps such a despotism man-Libra, by virtue of its soft nature, is even able to tear down, but why should they? Is that then, that in the face of a Scorpion-friend, he gets an interesting interlocutor and a truly reliable friend, always ready to help. In turn, Scorpios will appreciate such loyalty and make a flattering review about a new friend, although there will still not be an internal attachment to this frankly soft-bodied man for her.

How to win a man-Libra and build a relationship with him?

To this man is enoughjust listenand show genuine respect. The clever and subtle nature of the man of the sign of Libra makes it easy to distinguish truth from falsehood, he eschews people who are noisy and fussy, do not have any internal order in their speeches and thoughts. What can attract him in communicating with a bright and often just selfish Scorpio woman? However, with the same success you can ask, and that its such bright and individual can interest in this modest intellectual.

Scales how to achieve

It is enough to listen to Libra and show genuine respect.

However, the heart does not choose the signs of the horoscope, but just wants to love. If this man is so loved and dear, Scorpios is capablestep on one's throat. Astrologers are encouraged to become a little calmer in their judgments and actions, from the very beginning not to frighten the chosen one with their activity and violent emotions. He will certainly appreciate her as a sincere and liberated woman, self-sufficient and independent, able to make decisions in the most unusual situations.

Is it possible to fall in love with a Scorpio woman?

Of course, it is possible, albeit not easy: the woman of this sign is a strong personality, she knows perfectly well what her requirements are for her chosen one. The scales will certainly "take" her with their kindness and devotion - although this man is capable of manipulation, but does it so finely and correctly that even Scorpio, with all her intuition, does not recognize such attempts. For her in a man would be very valuablecalm and ability to calculate every step, even if Libra is indecisive, you can't call them foolish. And, of course, a fan should watch her appearance - this beautiful and sexy woman wants to see an attractive man next to her.

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