Composition "Bottle of Plenty"

The souvenir, personifying money abundance, will be an excellent addition to the interior of the house. It will be an interesting gift.
 A bottle of Plenty
For this we need: - an empty bottle of interesting shape. - paper tape. - scissors. - a few coins . - short zipper for clothes. - any paint of a dark color. - wire with a diameter of 2 mm. - souvenir bills of any value, 21 pieces. - a little foil.
- paint of gold color. - glue "Moment". - a piece of foam rubber. Let's start work with bottle processing. It is necessary to wrap it all with paper tape. Preferably with imitation of oblique folds.
Bottle of Plenty
Then in the chosen place on the bottle with a glue gun we attach small money in the form of a slide. Good luck to all!

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