Congratulations on the 2017 New Year of the Rooster for relatives in verses and prose. How to congratulate a friend on the arrival of the Year of the Rooster in English

NGP-001The choice of congratulations on the New Year 2017 Rooster for relatives and close people - at first glance, it is simple. But when you delve into the essence, it becomes clear that not everything is as simple as it seems. I would like to congratulate dear people in an extraordinary way and ensure that words and phrases evoke the most pleasant emotions and are remembered, if not for life, then at least until next New Year. We took this delicate moment into consideration and decided to come to your aid. Here you will find the most beautiful, sincere and warm greetings in prose, funny and funny Christmas poems, short lines for SMS messages and emotional phrases in English.Study attentively the offered variants of congratulations, choose those to which the soul lies, and please your relatives, friends, acquaintances, foreign friends and colleagues with good, heartfelt words and touching congratulations in verse and prose with the year of the Rooster.

Funny, short and funny greetings and wishes with the New 2017 Year of the Rooster for friends

For friends on the New Year 2017 of the Rooster, short, funny and funny congratulations in verse or prose will be suitable, which can be transferred personally, written on a colorful thematic card and sent by mail, placed on a social network page or sent as a text message to the phone. The festive greeting text should be easily perceived by the ear, sound bright, perky, optimistic and carry a powerful charge of cheerfulness.


In the first lines of congratulations you should say goodbye to the passing year and remember that despite all the difficulties, he brought many good events and pleasant meetings. Further it is appropriate to greet the incoming to its rights in 2017 and ask for its symbolic patron, the Firecracker, to be indulgent and kind to humanity in general and to your friends and girlfriends in particular.

In terms of wishes, any flight of fantasy is allowed.Buy a new Mercedes, move to the Canary Islands, become the head of the board of Gazprom or the president of France - all this is perfectly acceptable to sincerely and boldly wish your friends, and let them think how to make these fantastic dreams come true in the year of the Rooster.


On the calendar - 2017!

At the end of the seven there,

So everything will work out

All that was and what is,

For luck answers,

The number seven favors

May she foreshadow joy

Success will attract like a magnet!


Happy New Year and wholeheartedly wish you happy peas in Olivier and bubbles of joy in champagne, beauty fireworks in the sky and warm wishes from loved ones, undoubted luck and pleasant gifts under the Christmas tree.


And a barrel of caviar to you, and a gold wheelbarrow,
And the shares of Gazprom a little stash.
May the coming year make you happy.
Health, fun, pleasant troubles!

Less deer, more luck
And only simple, good tasks.
Let success be on the path of the inevitable
And every morning - affectionately gentle.

Congratulations in English with the New Year 2017 and Christmas for schoolchildren in prose


On the eve of the winter holidays, it is very important not to forget to greet your foreign schoolchildren.For them, you must choose congratulations on New Year and Christmas in English. Children from other countries will be very pleased on the eve of the beginning of the Year of the Rooster to receive by mail, on the phone or via the Internet a few short lines filled with the kindest words and warm, sincere wishes of well-being, a clear sky, good luck in life, happiness and understanding.

But especially highly foreign friends will appreciate the fact that they were congratulated in prose in the language adopted for communication throughout the world and none of them needed to translate your congratulations on the Year of the Rooster into an online translator that distorts the original text beyond recognition.


I wish you a dear to me. I have never met you. Happy Holidays!


At the beginning of conviviality. Let the number of 2017 protect you of good results!


With a great pleasure I congratulate you on a New Year! Let the destiny be favorable to you in the New Year, problems far from you and the life be fun and happy!

Merry SMS greetings for the New Year 2017 of the Rooster in verse and prose for colleagues


Among work colleagues it is very common to congratulate each other on Happy New Year with fun, funny text messages in verse and prose. These lovely signs of attention create an optimistic attitude and make the atmosphere in the team more emotional and relaxed. Immediately one feels the coming holiday more fully and everyone wants to enjoy life and have fun. The exception to this rule is not the management team.On the eve of the New Year, even the most harsh, tough and picky managers become a little softer, more tolerant of others, not so zealously scolded subordinates and with carefree naivety are waiting for something wonderful. A short SMS greeting in verse or prose with the coming year of the Rooster, suddenly flown on the phone, will make them smile and remember the hackneyed, but very correct phrase that real miracles happen only where people believe in them.


Snowflakes on the palm of the hand,
And how much in your hands will fall,
I have so many years of good and happiness
I wish you a New Year!


Happy New Year! May all your undertakings in the coming year finally end up with a complete and unconditional victory, and all the troubles will remain in the past.


Father Frost runs into the house,
He is disheveled, a red nose,
And he wants you,
The money was so that a million,
That apartment and car -
To all at once all the rest.
To the smile - from the heart,
To every day - flowers.
Here it is - happiness
Will save from all misfortunes.

Warm greetings in verses and prose to the grandparents for the New Year of the Rooster 2017


Happy New Year 2017 of the Rooster, grandmother and grandfather should be congratulated especially gently and reverently.It is best to do it personally and on the eve of the holiday to come to the old men to visit with congratulations, gifts, tangerines, sweets and other attributes traditional for winter celebrations. Older people, not spoiled by the attention of the younger generation, will appreciate such a greeting and will be incredibly happy. After all, direct communication with relatives brings much more pleasure than any expensive gifts that deliver faceless and indifferent courier services on New Year's Eve.

What words to choose for congratulations on the coming year of the Rooster of the most senior family members? Of course, very kind, sincere and warm. It is inappropriate to limit emotions or behave with restraint, indifference and dryness. On the contrary, the Year of the Rooster is the best moment to express your feelings in verse or prose and show your grandfather and grandmother how much you value them, how much you appreciate their helpful advice and how important it is for you to know that everything is in order.

Do not forget in verses or prose to wish your relatives in 2017 mutual understanding, good health and longevity.Promise that you will always be there and be sure to provide any necessary assistance. Such frank, touching congratulations are guaranteed to sink into the soul of the elderly and remain in the memory for a long time. Grandmother and grandfather will feel that they really need the younger members of the family and feel the fullness of your hot love and affection.


I wish a grandmother
In the New Year do not know sorrow,
To come every day,
It would be more fun and easier
To avoid melancholy,
Happiness, joy, love!


My dear grandparents! May peace and happiness always be in your life! Let thoughts be light and clean, like the first snow, and troubles, if they will, are as short as the replacement of the old year with a new one! Be healthy and live a hundred years!


Grandpa met a lot in the life of winters,
There were such that our grandfather reprimanded,
What unsuccessfully so stretch the days
What is deep in the fate of the rut.
But in the New Year everything will change
Grandchildren help grandfather more.
Together we can do what you want to do
Grandfather to make it more beautiful to live!

Beautiful New Year greetings for Mom and Dad 2017 on the Year of the Rooster - poems and prose


The most beautiful and heartfelt congratulations for the New 2017 Year of the Rooster will need to be found for mom and dad. Here pleasant lines in verses and gentle, touching phrases in prose will be equally relevant.It is best to tell their beloved parents personally at the moment of the beginning of the year of the Rooster and to supplement the kind words of congratulations with the warmest, most cordial wishes and a useful present. Such anxious attention from the children will not go unnoticed and will make family relationships more sincere and trusting.

If mom and dad have a good sense of humor and they adequately perceive jokes and practical jokes, you can slightly creatively and congratulate parents on the Year of the Rooster with a funny, funny short text message in verse or a sound message in prose, spoken in the voice of some famous person, for example, the Russian president or the mega-popular star of show business. An unusually funny congratulation surprise will surely please, give the traditional New Year holiday a bright shade of originality and will remain in memory for a long time.

For serious and strict older parents, calm, solemn and beautiful congratulations on 2017 the Year of the Rooster are more suitable. Beautiful touching words in verses or prose can be uttered aloud at the time of the chiming clock and complement them with an elegant gift - a musical card with a New Year's song in English.Mom and Dad will appreciate such a refined congratulation on the Year of the Rooster and will be pleased that the children did not just indifferently fulfill their duty, but approached the issue of congratulations with taste and figured out how to unconventionally give pleasure to loved ones at the time of the 2017 Rooster.


Mom, Dad, dear ones, the New Year is knocking on the door.
Congratulations, relatives. I believe that luck awaits you!
And I hope that health will be strong, like granite,
After all, excellent health does not hurt anyone!

I also wanted to say that I love you very much.
Your tenderness and care are very much appreciated!
New Year's - a magical holiday, gives people miracles.
Let your kind eyes shine, be filled with happiness!


Happy New Year, my dear! First I want to say thank you very much for everything you gave me, for everything you've learned, because it was thanks to you that I became what I am now. I want to wish you good health, long and happy years and that you never need anything. May the New Year bring you all that you do not have yet. Be happy, Happy New Year!


Mom, Dad, Happy New Year,
Always be happy.
Let it be warm to you now
Despite the cold!

May desires be fulfilled
What do you think.

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