Congratulations on the Day of Medic 2017 to colleagues and the attending physician - cool, funny, funny and in pictures

Beautiful congratulations on the Day of the Medic 2017 should be dedicated to all the familiar men and women who have chosen as a profession a noble occupation - to save people's lives and help to protect their health. Doctors and nurses, nurses, laboratory assistants, interns, paramedics and other medical workers can declare respectful and solid texts in prose, read jocular, funny poems or give bright cards with thematic pictures dedicated to the holiday of a medical worker. Examples of suitable options are presented below. Choose the most successful and congratulate dear people on their professional holiday.

Funny, funny congratulations on the Day of Medic 2017 for relatives, friends and relatives

For family members, relatives and friends for the Medical Day, you need to find joyful, funny and funny congratulations containing optimistic words of gratitude to doctors, nurses and nurses for their dedication, care and attention. Let them hear on the day of their beautiful holiday how much their heroic profession means and how highly they value the noble work of doctors around them. As a pleasant addition to these phrases you need to add a few sincere, warm and good wishes of happiness, longevity and respectful attitude on the part of patients. After all, for each doctor this is the best and most valuable reward.



A medical holiday is coming,
Medic rejoices, waiting.
Dress beautifully,
In the eyes - the sea of ​​positive.
Will be like a birthday
Everywhere congratulations.
We will wish the medic
Less stress, sweeter to sleep,
Dreams come true
No medical rush,
Most grateful patients
All healthy, all alive!


Congratulations to those who serve Hippocrates
We are glad to talk about them today.
For them and toast and a glass of wine
Giving life, health to all in full.
Your work is respected by the people.
And as you need something like any time of year!
You are the ones who will knock us down.
Special we write out the potion.
You will not lose interest in the work!

Working less tired!
Successes, moods on 5!


Who can not imagine without a white robe?
Who is worthy of higher wages?
Who is ready to work from night to morning?
Of course, our beloved doctors!

Your holiday today, doctors of the country!
Your experience and knowledge are very necessary to us,
We are glad to congratulate you and wish,
To all come true, what could dream!

Congratulations on the Day of Medic 2017 colleagues - comic texts in prose


Happy Medical Day 2017 to congratulate colleagues in prose should be the chief doctor, head of the department and other doctors from the management team. It makes sense to leave pompous speeches for the official ceremony, and in the circle of the working group, where all those present know each other well, it is better to pronounce an optimistic and cheerful greeting text in prose. In it, you can thank the staff for their responsible attitude to their profession, for loyalty to the Hippocratic Oath and dedication to the cause of improving the nation. It is appropriate to sound a good joke on professional topics, over which both the serious head doctor and a young nurse will laugh with pleasure.This will defuse the situation and give the team spirit, openness and cordiality.


Dear Colleagues! And may our work days sometimes resemble Sisyphean labor, but nevertheless, we are doing a really important and necessary work. Congratulations on this wonderful day! Let your life be as little stress as possible and as much fun and joyful moments as possible! Happy holiday!


My dear, I want to wish you calm duties. Let there never be complications in your work. I wish you the pleasure of work, gratitude in your work. I wish you all high professionalism, great discoveries and the joy of realizing that a person in a white coat offers relief to people.


Dear and dear colleagues, I congratulate you on Medical Day and wish you good health to you and your families, undoubted success and good work, kind assistance to patients and sincere gratitude for hard work, great respect, personal prosperity and high fees.

Comic and funny greetings to colleagues on Medic Day in verses


Official and solemn congratulations to the doctors on the day of the professional holiday will be surely said by the senior officials of the institution, representatives of the local authorities and the deputies.Inside the working team, colleagues will more appropriately hear funny, funny and humorous words dedicated to the Day of the Medic. It can be funny texts in verse and prose, with good humor making fun of some internal events of a hospital or a polyclinic, relations between doctors and other characteristic working moments. It is very important to observe tact here and not become personal, because not every person is able to adequately perceive taunts and sarcasm. On a festive day, it is better to dispense with ambiguous hints and frivolities. The congratulatory text should be clear and equally ridiculous to absolutely everyone present, and not just a narrow group of people. Otherwise, someone may feel awkward and the festive event will lose optimism and enthusiasm.


Colleagues, doctors, raise glasses for us,
So that the light of Hippocrates does not go out in us,
That we were full of vigor and strength,
So that every day someone brought the benefit!

Improve your knowledge and skills
Grateful patients and patience
Good luck, prosperity, desired love,
So that medicine always keeps pace!


My comrades, colleagues,
My trusted friends,
In robes that are whiter than snow,
You have found a case for yourself!

Honorable mission is proud,
And do what is impossible
I will not refuse her,
Although sometimes it is difficult.

I just want to say
Saving his life, saving again,
Do not be discouraged,
And may all be healthy!


Colleagues, doctors, you save lives,
From difficult situations you help out,
We wish you a decent salary,
Works productive and excellent!

Let it be lucky
There will be wonderful moments
Good luck to you, sincere love
Wins, achievements ahead!

Beautiful congratulations on the Day of the medic woman doctor in verses


Woman with the Day of the physician is appropriate to congratulate the beautiful poems dedicated to one of the most important, beautiful and noble professions. Good and optimistic rhymed lines should contain the words of unlimited admiration and gratitude for their dedicated work, sincere attitude and touching care with which the hero of the occasion treats her patients. A very good option is to read a poetic greeting out loud during a personal meeting. This will make the most pleasant impression and will bring a lot of pleasure to the lady-health worker.


You gave the oath of Hippocrates,
Now you heal all the sick.
I congratulate you on the holiday happy
And wish all the blessings of the earth!

For mercy and generosity
Soul whiter than a bathrobe
I don't want to know about poverty
To make you all happier!


Ribbons decorate the syringe
I will attach flowers to it ...
Search at least a hundred hospitals,
The health worker is the best - you!

Medicine is your horse
People are noisy crowd
Cheerfully rush from all legs
In the office to be treated yours.

Congratulations accept
Happy sisters and doctors!
In the hands of your patient
Will fall - already healthy!

Like a fish in the sea, yes,
You're in a difficult job.
Be you always like this -
Health worker one hundred percent!


No more noble occupation
What people return to health.
And I congratulate you today
With special love.
Human lives you keep
And I want to wish you,
So that the angel of you is the guardian
And did not let you lose heart.
I wish you big salaries
And even more patience,
That white doctor's robe
Worn you without regret!

Congratulations in verse for a female pediatrician

If you want to greet the children's doctor, you can learn a beautiful rhyme with the child and at the right time ask the baby to recite the piece.Such an unexpected, but incredibly touching surprise will make one feel empathetic, and maybe even a very restrained and strict woman, who has made medicine his vocation, can shed tears.


Aybolitam doctors,
Our respect to you!
Immediately let it be in the morning
Cheerful mood!

To have a glorious life
Your noble one!
So that the disease all surrendered
Under the good hands!


Pediatrician is a profession like this:
Help, heal, save.
In this case, there is no edge,
You are our angel, friend and mother.
The doctor can fix everything:
Runny nose, soul and boil.
Pediatrician congratulate
This is our first rush!


If a child is sick,
That parents do not sleep,
Urgently taken out of the diaper,
To the pediatrician hurry.

You are always capable of helping.
In the short term to render,
Early morning afternoon and midnight
You are ready to help!

Short congratulations on Medic Day to the male doctor in prose


A man-doctor on the Day of the physician must devote a solid and respectful congratulations. Best of all, short, beautiful phrases in prose are suitable for this purpose, expressing immense gratitude for the work, care and attention that the doctor provides to his patients and for the high professionalism that he shows while performing his duties.

Words should not sound servile, but seriously, tactfully and weighty. Especially if the hero of the occasion is an older person holding a prestigious position in a medical institution. When you need to greet a young man, you should choose touching and inspirational texts, in which it is appropriate to thank the beginning doctor for patient treatment of patients, for their sincerity and ability to understand.

And for the greetings to look warm and personal, it must be supplemented with the most good, kind and pleasant wishes. You can express them in your own words or write on a colorful postcard and hand the doctor along with a small souvenir souvenir, a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. Signs of attention of this kind will please the young intern, middle-aged doctor, and the elderly head of the department. Each of them will appreciate the sincere attitude of patients and will once again feel what important and meaningful profession he has chosen as the business of his life.


Do not get around congratulations on the Day of the physician doctor of God. Real professionalism is talent that is given from above.Its presence will be confirmed by dozens of people who carry in their hearts gratitude for your great work and skill. On a professional holiday, I wish you good health and new heights.


Congratulations on the Day of Medical Worker to the honored representative of this, without exaggerating the most important national profession. May the faithful service of the Hippocratic Oath be sure to be reckoned and bear fruit. They will be the gratitude of patients, the satisfaction of the work done and the results achieved.


I would like to congratulate you on the Day of Medic and wish you only the best - joy, kindness, great love and true happiness! You, like no one else, deserve praise, because your work is truly a holy cause! Let everything always work for you!

Colorful, funny congratulations on the Day of the physician in funny pictures

You can congratulate relatives, acquaintances and friends on the Medical Day not only verbally, but also with funny thematic pictures with funny inscriptions and funny plots. It is appropriate to send bright, colorful postcards by mail to friends-doctors living in other cities or even countries.On the day of their professional holiday, they will be very pleased to find such sweet news in their inbox.

Funny pictures are also suitable for posting on pages on social networks. Today it is very popular and is considered one of the easiest, but at the same time fashionable and stylish ways to congratulate people on various memorable events and dates. In this way, you can greet not only doctors who are familiar to you personally, but also to congratulate absolutely all medical workers on their professional holiday. The Internet provides such an opportunity to anyone who has an account in any of the popular networks and wants to express gratitude to people who have devoted their lives to caring for the health of humanity.

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